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6 Reasons for Trying SUP Yoga

Joe Parker Jul 22, 2019
SUP yoga is a new way for people to do yoga, and it's more fun and challenging at the same time. Here are 6 reasons why people should try SUP yoga.

It’s Not Like Other Kinds of Yoga

There are a lot of different kinds of yoga, but SUP yoga is not like any of them. What's so special about it? It takes you to the water where everything will be different and special.

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Core Muscle Exercise

Since this yoga is done on a SUP yoga board on the water, while doing a pose, first make sure you won't fall .
Balance is important in SUP yoga. And balance is maintained mainly through your core. So your core muscles will constantly be engaged in keeping yourself steady on the board. It will help build your core strength.

Puts Your State of Mind Into a New Level

Researches have shown that water has a great calming effect on the human mind, so is yoga. And yoga is the perfect combination of both, making it a great way for you to calm your mind. And you will have time to think and reflect on your life.

A Great Stress Reliever

Most water sports are great stress relievers. Although technically, SUP yoga is not a water sport, but the point of using water sports as stress relievers is getting close to the water.
When doing yoga on a SUP on the water, you'll get the feeling of happiness and wellbeing, leading to a better mood and less stress and anxiety.

Build Confidence

Certain yoga poses will be harder to do on a SUP yoga board. So you can consider it as a challenge to your yoga skills and yourself. If you succeed in doing the pose on a SUP, it will help build up your confidence.

Everytime the Experience Will Be Brand New

Every time you get on a SUP board, it will be a brand new experience to you because you will be doing yoga in a different location. Plus you can feel the flow of the water and waves, which is fun.