Ab Coaster Vs. Ab Circle Pro

Smita Pandit Nov 7, 2018
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If you are planning to purchase an abs machine for your home gym, don't make the mistake of relying solely on the infomercials. This write-up provides information on Ab Coaster and Ab Circle Pro.
The market is flooded with all sorts of fitness equipment. To boost their sales, the manufacturers rely on attracting the attention of their target market with television commercials. The face of the product is usually a fitness model or athlete with toned body and washboard abs, who gives the credit to that particular equipment.
Ab Coaster, Ab Roller, Ab Wheel, Ab Cruncher, Ab Rocket, Ab Circle Pro, etc., are some of the abs machines that you might have heard of. Here, we would be discussing the features of Ab Circle Pro and Ab Coaster.

How Do they Work

The movement of the Ab Coaster system is an arc. Your knees are pressed against your chest in a natural crunching motion. This simulates the hanging leg raise. You can also do diagonal leg raises and work the obliques with the Ab Coaster.
You can do effective ab workouts and the 'bottom up' exercise by resting your weight on a movable platform. This reduces the stress on your neck, back, and shoulders. Other unique features are a 3-position adjustable seat and digital workout counter.
On the other hand, the Ab Circle Pro gives a circular workout. You will have to place your knees on to the knee pads and hold on to a handle bar and swing your legs and hips from side to side. This gyrological motion helps in reducing belly fat and also targets the core region.
Ab Circle Pro has three resistance levels, that is, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Another aspect that must be considered is their size. Ab Coaster is bulkier in comparison to the Ab Circle Pro.


The price of Ab Circle Pro is around $45.99. Ab Coaster, being a bigger machine costs around $299.


Ab Coaster machine has been well received. This allows one to lock in the upper body by holding on and placing the elbows in the rest stops, allowing one to pull the knees up and flex the spine. If one follows the correct form, it can help isolate and work the right muscles. It is a more expensive abs machine, but it is sturdy. 
There are some drawbacks though. It is bulky and also has a short 60 day warranty period. If it is not used correctly, it can even lead to abdominal strain. Also, one needs to follow the diet plan in order to get desired results.
Reviews on Ab Circle Pro mainly focus on the deceptive advertising. As per their infomercial, three minutes on the machine supposed to be the equivalent of 100 sit-ups, and that this equipment work your obliques in addition to your central abs. It is claimed that one would lose 10 pounds in two weeks. Most people feel that such claims are baseless.
Moreover, the focus in the infomercial is on the machine, and not on the Ab Circle Pro System, which includes a reduced calorie diet and an express workout DVD. The commercial doesn't mention that one would lose 10 pounds of body fat. So, one might actually be losing water, muscle, and some fat.
There have been complaints regarding the weight limit. Since there is a weight limit for this machine, those who are on the heavier side cannot use it. People have also experienced discomfort while using the knee pads. The shipping and handling charges paid during the trial period are non-refundable, so those who return the machine might lose a lot of money.
Both the machines have their set of advantages and disadvantages. You can check out their workout DVDs for ab toning exercises, but for losing all that belly fat, you will need to make the right lifestyle choices.
These machines may help you in getting rid of that flab to some extent, but if you think that you can get six pack abs just by using such machines, you might end up getting disappointed.
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