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Ab Roller Reviews

Sheetal Mandora Apr 23, 2019
Ab Roller is a small exercise equipment that claims to get you a flat tummy. Considering the advertisements, it may provide results to some individuals. However, does the equipment help keep the flab off? Read on to find out.
Ab Roller and other similar equipment for toning your abdominal muscles give you short-term results. If you're looking for a more lasting change, regular exercise and smart diet choices are the right methods to adopt.
Searching for weight loss programs and diets, that will help you lose weight fast (in short, losing weight from the stomach area), is easy. However, are they the best possible way? Or the use of equipment that concentrate on working your abs is the right way to go?
There are those folks who perhaps can't find time to exercise and would opt for some fitness equipment that will do the job for them. And that's when the Ab Roller comes in. Wondering if it's true? Keep reading to find out.

Reviews to Consider

There are different kinds of exercise equipment for abs available in the market, all of which claiming to help you get that toned, rock hard abs. There's the Ab Roller Wheels, Ab Sculptor, Ab Coaster, Ab Roller Evolution, and many more just like them. Which brings us to the question - do any or all of these equipment work as they claim?
Now since we are going to be discussing the equipment, it makes sense to give you information for different equipment. So when you read further, you will see that we have focused mainly on the Ab Roller Evolution (similar design as Ab Sculptor) and the Ab Roller Wheel. Take a look.

Ab Roller Evolution Review

If you have searched online, seen infomercials on television, or personally gone to the stores to ask about the Ab Roller Evolution, then you are familiar with what it looks like.
  • A smart equipment that has an arm rest, headrest, and handrails with pads.
  • The equipment looks as if the designing team has made sure you don't hurt or injure your neck while working on your abs.
  • All the features help keep you stable, comfortable, and supported during the workout.
  • To use the equipment, you need to lie down on your back, place your arms on the arm rests, take support for your neck over the headrest, and hold on to the handrails with both hands.
  • Now as you would perform the crunches, follow the similar steps on this equipment as well.
This exercise equipment claims to strengthen your obliques along with lower and upper abdominal muscles. However, if you are searching for ways to lose weight or burn fat around those areas, this machine may not be the one for you. The purpose of this machine is to take away all the strain from your neck while doing the workout.
In normal abdominal exercise, where you would lift your head and shoulder blades off the floor, you'd be putting a lot of stress on your neck, if not done properly. This equipment takes that complication out, giving you a comfortable abdominal workout without any risks of injuries.
However, as mentioned earlier, if you are hoping for a significant amount of weight loss from this equipment, then I'd advice you not to depend on it. So no matter how many reviews you read, the fact will still remain the same. In order to get a flat, sexy stomach, you will need to work on your entire body and not just around the abdominal area.

Ab Roller Wheel Review

In search of the best exercise equipment for your abs, we have landed on the second equipment, the Ab Roller Wheel. But before we get anywhere near this equipment and talking about what it does and doesn't do, let's understand what the Ab Wheel actually does.
This exercise equipment is very small; just a small wheel with handles on each side for support. Although this equipment looks maneuverable without a lot of effort, it actually has some drawbacks. A thing noticed in this equipment is the fact that you have to put a lot of pressure on your knees.
While performing the exercise, you will have to align your body in such a way so that you don't lose balance and shift your body weight accordingly.
  • To perform the exercise, you're supposed to come down on your knees, stretch ahead, hold the wheel with both hands, and roll in outward and bring it back in.
  • While kneeling down and stretching ahead, your abs, back, and arm muscles stretch and get a good workout.
Now the main factor to look for in any review you read is, how long do you use that particular equipment for and does it work. If you wish to lose weight, get your abdominal muscles toned, and keep them that way, this ab machine won't be able to help as the wheel is good, but only for a short time period.
If the workout is not done properly, you can also end up hurting your neck or lower back, which is not good.
Everyone, at some point or another, has wished for flat, firm abs. It's not just because they want to look good (well, that's part of it), but having a flat stomach means being confident about yourself and managing your health in a better way.
For that, many of us hit the gym at least 4 to 5 days a week, some exercise outdoors, and others opt for different solutions. And of course, you will also see a range of advertisements for exercise equipment on television, radio, and even fitness magazines.
If you're looking for short term use, then go ahead with these equipment as they are good for beginners. But if you want long term results, then proper workout routines and diet is the way to go. There are no fast and easy ways to get the kind of leaner, more muscular body. Like the phrase - no pain, no gain.