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Aerobic Moves

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Jun 6, 2019
Are you in the process of shedding those extra pounds from your body? If so, here are some great aerobic moves which will help you stay fit and fine.
Aerobics are a healthy way of improving and leading your life. It is an exercise that raises your heart to a point that it uses 70% to 80% of the heart's capabilities. These exercises can change your lifestyle immediately by providing you with excellent stamina and endurance levels.

For Beginners

Always remember to do some warm up exercises before starting any exercise session. Your entire warm up should last for about 10 to 15 minutes. The purpose of the warm up is to avoid any kind of injury and to raise the body's temperature and prepare muscles and joints for an exciting aerobic workout.


Everybody is familiar with this step. When the instructor is trying to find or fit a new move in an aerobic workout program, he/she will make the entire class do the grapevine. Your lead foot starts this move. It means if your right foot goes to the right and if the left foot is leading then the left foot goes to the left, your other foot crosses behind.
Step cross and step touch. Then you do the opposite thing, the second foot becomes the leading foot and the other one crosses behind.


This is a very simple dance move. Step forth and back again and repeat the process with the same foot, until you get tired. Now repeat it with the other foot.


Take a step with one foot and kick with the other one. Don't kick very high. Kicking somewhere between mid-calf height is good. Kicks are fun and your instructor will have a million ways to do it differently.

Leg Lifts

Stand on one leg and move your other leg out. Don't make it too high. It is a good exercise for legs, though it's not as much fun as kicks.

For Kids

Are aerobic exercises beneficial for your kids well-being? Yes they are, and in a much better way. Here are some of these exercises.

Walking and Jogging

Going for long walks with your children can be a great exercise for you and your kids. It is one of the best cardiovascular exercises which increases our heart rate in moderate levels. Walking everyday for 30 minutes keeps you and your kids in the pink of health. After your kids get used to the walking sessions, you can start with light jogging and running.
Do a few minutes of jogging for a good warm up and then go for a good run. Running can take your fitness levels to a new height. Favor, running with your kids in a park or near a natural surrounding, it can boost your endurance levels and increase the stamina.


Cycling is a low impact exercise that is ideal for kids of all ages. It's a great workout and an excellent strength builder. Encourage your kids to go to school on a cycle. While cycling, always encourage your kids to wear fitting cycle helmets, for their own safety.


Swimming is often called a total workout exercise. It is the only exercise in the world that exercises your total body from head to toe. You can make swimming more fun, by challenging your kids to a race to see who can swim the fastest.
Playing games in the pool is much more tiring and will help boost stamina. Involving your whole family or your kids and friends will make this a joyous occasion and will help increase your child's interest in aerobic exercises.
Aerobic moves are suitable for both, kids and adults. Aerobic exercises are preferred by people as they are not monotonous as gym exercises. They are fun and help burn calories at a faster pace.