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Essential Equipment for Aqua Aerobics

Shrinivas Kanade Nov 5, 2018
Aqua aerobics equipment are meant to maintain balance while performing aerobics in a swimming pool. Read on, to know more about them and the benefits of the exercise itself.
Performing aerobics on the land is difficult for some individuals. These group includes injured athletes, senior citizens, obese individuals and pregnant women. The activity produces high impact waves in the soft tissues and joints of the body, especially, that of the legs.
Naturally, those suffering from arthritis, such as, senior citizens and those who have injured their ankle or knees or carrying more weight cannot perform exercises without pains. These individuals should know how water aerobics benefits can be drawn to maintain fitness and improve mobility.

Benefits of Water Aerobics

Doing aqua aerobics exercises is a solution they should look into. The water in the pool resists the movements of the body parts, slows them down and removes the jerks out of them. At the same time, it offers a little buoyancy to the body which neutralizes the pull of the gravity to a certain extent.
The total effect produced is that the vibrations and the ill-effects of the impacts of the aerobics are reduced. It is found that performing aqua aerobics are useful to acquire lean body mass.
Using some accessories during the exercises, obviously increases the fun factor as well as it emphasizes the orderliness of the group. Water aerobics is a great exercise which one can enjoy to the fullest using some proper equipment such as aerobics shoes.

Water Aerobics Equipment

Water Aerobic Belts

The aqua aerobic belts are useful for people who do not like to enter deep waters, or for those who cannot swim. As can be guessed this water aerobics equipment acts as aids while floating and can even be utilized by individuals having extremely low body fat to compensate for the low buoyancy.
These belts can be used for deep as well as shallow water aerobic routines. During deep water aerobics exercises it helps in stabilizing the wearers center of gravity. Its design allows for free range of movements of hands and legs during exercises.

Water Running Shoes

These are specially made shoes that can be used for water jogging in shallow water of the pool. Many athletes use water aerobic shoes, for cross training purposes. The purpose behind athletes doing water aerobics is to help them maintain or improve their muscle tone and the stamina without exposing them to wear and tear because of the high impact activity.

Water Gloves

The water aerobics equipment such as aqua gloves, or aqua aerobic belts are useful while doing the exercises. The webbed aqua gloves offer added resistance to the movements, making the exercise more fruitful.

Noodles and Flotation Vest

Both of these equipment are highly recommended for deep water exercising. Noodles along with vests are among the most commonly used water aerobics equipment. Noodles are made from water resistant and buoyant polythene.
During aerobic exercises, it can be used to provide resistance to the upper as well as lower body. Flotation vest comes handy for a person who is not so proficient in swimming skills.

Kick Board

Also known as paddle board, this is made of high-density foam which helps in maintaining the head above during the high intensity aerobics. It is employed to support lower body while doing aerobics to improve kicking ability and technique. It is also useful increasing the ankle flexibility and developing the stronger leg muscles.

Aqua Dumbbells

These are most useful while targeting the muscles of arms and leg. These are made from water resistant foam and are warn around the wrists and ankles to increase the water resistance to the movements of limbs.
In addition to the basic equipment presented here, there are many aerobic exercise machines such as an aqua treadmill which are useful for those who want all the benefits of the aerobics by doing them in water. We hope that the information provided on equipment for aqua aerobics is satisfactory.