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Back Strengthening Exercises for Men

According to a recent study, 80% of the American population suffer from back pain problems throughout their life. Most of these back problems are mechanical and self-developed. This article is deals with back strengthening exercises for men, to help them improve the health and vitality of their back muscles.
Divya Bichu
Slumping in the chair at the work place, obesity, poor posture and to add to all this, inactivity, are the perfect ingredients for a weak or painful back. A painful back can be fixed with various treatments like regular massage, physical therapy, traction, chiropractic treatments and so on. But, in order to strengthen your back and build solid back muscles for long-lasting relief, you need to indulge in doing some back exercises every day. These exercises will help stretch your spine and release a lot of built-up tension. Below listed exercises will help prevent back pain. They do not require special equipment and can be done at home.
List of Back Strengthening Exercises
#1 Pull Ups
This exercise is not as simple as it sounds, but it is one of the best back strengthening exercises for men. You will need an overhead bar, to allow your body to hang below. Once you grip the bar with your hands, you have to slowly draw your body upwards, until your chin touches the bar. Do not be surprised if you don't get the exercise right in the first attempt, gradually with practice you will be able to master the exercise. Initially perform the exercise 10 times and gradually increase the count.
#2 Side Bridge
Lie on your side and push yourself up with your lower arm resting on the floor. Make sure your body is held like a plank, with hips, pelvis and chest in alignment. Hold this position for a few seconds, then slowly relax your body. Repeat on the other side. Initially it will be difficult to hold the position for even a few seconds, but gradually try increasing your time.
#3 Dumbbell Shrugs
This back strengthening exercise needs dumbbells. The weight of the dumbbells can be any weight you can carry. To start with, use dumbbells with less weight and then gradually increase the weight. Stand upright with the dumbbells in your hands, at the sides of your body. Now, raise both your shoulders simultaneously as high as possible. Make sure you do not bend your elbows. Dumbbell shrugs are considered to be one of the best upper back exercises.
#4 Plank
The plank not only focuses on strengthening your back muscles but, also strengthens all your core muscle groups. First, lie on your stomach with your forearms and palms flat on the floor. Now prop yourself up resting your toes and elbows on the floor. Make sure that your back, head and heels are in a straight line. Hold this position for one minute. With repetition, gradually increase the timing to 3-5 minutes. This exercise is a fantastic way to strengthen your abs as well.
#5 Yoga: Dhanurasana
There are a few asanas in yoga that aim at strengthening and improving flexibility in the back muscles. Dhanurasana (bow pose) is the best in reinforcing strength and health in weak back muscles. All you have to do is lie on your stomach with your hands along the sides of your body. Now, bring your heels close to your buttocks, so that your hands are able to hold your ankles. Arch your body as much as you can, until you feel a pulling effect in your upper torso. Stay in this pose for a few seconds and release. Repeat 3-5 times.
The above back strengthening exercises will ensure protective strength and vitality in your back muscles, provided you follow the exercises everyday religiously. Stay fit! Stay healthy!