Benefits of Goblet Squats

The goblet squat is an easy to learn, muscle-building lower body exercise. Experts say that it strengthens the abdominal and leg muscles. The following Buzzle article elaborates more on its benefits.
Did You Know?
Although the goblet squat can be done with a wide range of weights, such as the dumbbells, you should prefer using the kettlebell as it is specifically designed for this workout.
The goblet squat, primarily a strength training exercise is often looked down upon as it is believed to be ineffective in reducing excess fat. However, this is certainly not true, because the goblet squat that incorporates a wide range of muscles and gets your heartbeat pounding is effective and can rival some of the best leg and lower body strengthening exercises. Following are its benefits:
Excellent Lower Body Workout
Looking for a challenging workout that engages all the muscles from your butt to your heels? Well, consider the goblet squat that targets all your major muscles in the lower body. For strengthening the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and the gluteal muscles, you can certainly rely on this multi-movement workout. So, for a stronger lower body, make sure to include goblet squats in your exercise routine.
Strengthens the Core
Apart from engaging your lower body, the goblet squat also works on your core muscles. The multi-movement pattern of this workout engages the deep core muscles. Maintaining appropriate posture while doing the workout is not possible unless the core muscles are put to use more often. So, instead of just performing ab crunches for building core strength, try doing goblet squats, and make your exercise routine an ultimate core workout.
Significant Calorie Expenditure
The goblet squat engages a lot of muscles, and when performed at a high intensity, there is no reason why you shouldn't burn a substantial amount of calories. Just 20-25 repetitions in 3 sets, daily, can accelerate your calorie-burning potential, and allow you to shed more fat and get ripped lean muscles.
Less Strenuous on the Lower Back
Beginners often find it difficult to perform the normal back squat, as it puts a lot of strain on the back. Whereas, the goblet squat is a safe squatting technique that is easier on the back. No wonder, beginners are often first taught the goblet squat, as performing this workout does not exert excess strain on the lower back.

As aforementioned, this workout also works your abdominal muscles. The exercise hits the abs really well, and hence, can also be a great addition to your 6 pack ab routine.
A Good Cardio Workout
So you thought goblet squats is just another strength training workout that does little to assist your cardiovascular fitness. Well, if you add intensity to your goblet squat, it can certainly help boost cardiovascular health. Jumping rope or jumping jacks are not the only workouts that improve your cardio strength. Goblet squats when performed properly and at a greater intensity, can also be helpful to increase your heart rate. People often add curls to their squat session to get their heart rate up.
There are different variations to this workout, such as goblet squat with rotation and double kettlebell squat, and you need to know the right way of performing this workout, so as to achieve the desired result. Incorrect technique can put you at risk of muscle injuries. Also, initially, start your workout with light weights. Once you become comfortable with your workout, you can progressively increase the intensity as well as the weights.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a certified kettlebell instructor.