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Benefits Of Running Daily

Mrunmayi Deo Apr 10, 2019
Running a few miles daily can be extremely beneficial for our body. Here, we will take a lucid look at the benefits of running on a daily basis.
"Runners live longer."
- The New England Journal of Medicine.
Running is one of the oldest and simplest exercises. The benefits it has on our general well-being have been well-documented. Whether at your local gym or outside, running can be a good way to maintain your body. The advantages running has on our body are both physical and mental. Some of the well-known benefits of running daily have been mentioned here.

Benefits of Running

  • Running is one of the simplest ways of burning excessive body fat. It not only works for people who want to lose weight but also for those who want to stay in shape.
  • Running daily can be beneficial for your cardiovascular health as well. As research has found, running lowers the risk of heart attacks. During running, the arteries and veins contract and expand more frequently, thereby increasing their elasticity. This helps in regulating the normal flow of blood and prevents ailments such as high blood pressure.
  • Running is also known to reduce the risk of developing diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes, and breast cancer.
  • Running has been found to boost the immune system as it helps in an increased production of lymphocytes. A stronger immune system guards us against opportunistic infections such as the common cold.
  • It is believed that running can help people who suffer from depression. As we run, our body produces hormones known as endorphins. These help in regulating the mood, making the person feel happier.
  • According to a study, running may help in making people look younger. Researchers believe that running on a consistent basis unlocks the stem cells of our muscles, helping in slowing down the process of aging.

A Few Tips to Remember

  • The mentioned benefits are achieved only if you run on a consistent basis. Skipping your daily regimen or running intermittently may not yield the best results.
  • Eating a healthy balanced diet is very important to complement the efforts that you put in running. It is advised to have a diet which is rich in carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Runners lose a lot of body water due to perspiration, therefore, it is important that you consume sufficient amounts of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • It is important to stay motivated to achieve the best results. Preparing an action plan and setting a target for yourself on a weekly or monthly basis can help you in staying focused.
After reading these benefits, we are sure that you would definitely consider to make running a part of your daily schedule. The benefits are enormous and all we need to do is to motivate ourselves to leave our comfy zones and step outside to challenge our limits.