Best Ab Exercises for Men

Need to build a great set of abs? Then you'll need some of the best ab exercises for men. And the following article will give you exactly that. Continue reading for more details.
FitnessVigil Staff
Which man would not like to have the perfect set of abs? All of them would. Standing by the pool side as you casually take the shirt off, and there for the world to see are those perfectly toned and muscled abs. Or you saunter in from the steam room with nothing but a white Turkish towel draped around our waist (quite modestly), and hugging the perfect abs. Yeah. All men would want that. But that is not possible if you do not have abdominal exercises scheduled in. And not just any ab exercises, they need to be specialized to get you results. Cause only those will hit the nail on the head and produce abs that are the envy of all. Let's just move to the best ab workout for men then and show you how it's really done.
When it comes to ab exercises, one cannot simply depend on exercises alone. One has to also factor in the important role that a diet plays in shaping those abs. You need to consult a nutritionist who will write out a schedule for you to follow.
Alternating Curls
Alternating curl crunches
Lie on a mat and bend your knees placing the feet firmly on the ground.
Put your hands under your head to support the neck, raise your shoulders slightly off the ground, and tense your torso.
Now, move your entire torso to the right side while bringing the left knee up.
Try to touch your forehead to the knee and then go back.
Do not place your shoulders back on the ground but continue with the curl on the opposite side.
Do 20 of these on both sides, and sets of 3.
Pushing Out
Pushing out crunches
This exercise works out the upper abdomen maximally well.
Lie on your back and keep your legs shoulder-width apart.
Now, raise yourself with a crunch and try to push your hands maximally out from the thighs.
Make sure that you do not let go of the crunch and maintain it throughout the exercise.
Hold this position for a minute then go back to the ground.
Repeat 5 times.
Elbow Plank
Elbow plank
Lie on your stomach and come up to a push up position, except that the entire weight rests on the forearms and your elbows touch the ground.
Keep your shoulders absolutely straight and do not let them slouch.
You'll feel a pressure in the entire upper portion of the body.
Now, tighten the abs till you feel a tension in the abs.
Stay in this position for 30 seconds.
30 Degree Crunches
30 degree crunch
Lie on the back and place your hands under your head to support the neck.
Raise your legs at a 30 degree position above the ground. The lower you place your legs, the better the workout.
Now, raise your shoulders slightly above the ground and raise your legs up and down, very slightly.
They should never touch the ground.
You'll feel a stretch and tightness in the abdominal region.
Do this for a count of 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds.
Do two more sets in the same manner.
Hanging Bar Crunch
Hanging bar crunches
You will need a bar to hang from for this one.
Hang from a bar with both arms bent at the elbows.
Your legs should be folded at the back of the knees.
Now, keeping the upper body straight, raise your knees as high as you can.
Try to bring it into the chest and hold for 5 seconds.
Then take the legs back down and repeat 10-15 times.
Stop if the shoulders start to ache.
There you go, now you have a list of some of the best ab exercises for men. All you need to do now is devote some time to these, be serious about your workout, and in a few months you'll have those washboard abs that you'll want to flaunt. And we won't mind, we really won't mind at all.