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Best Back Exercises

Best Back Exercises

The following article will provide you with the best back exercises, which will not only help strengthen your back but will also reduce ugly back fat, so read on...
FitnessVigil Staff
Due to hectic lifestyle, no one has time to think about health. This obviously leads to many problems. Obesity is one of the main outcomes of it. Unwanted fat gets deposited in places like the abdomen and back, getting rid of this fat is a very difficult task! Back exercises are meant for getting rid of this ugly fat. These back workouts not only help you to lose back fat, but also help to reduce back pain. However, there is obviously a difference between back strengthening exercises and back fat exercises. So, before starting back workout, one should know what exactly that specific exercise is meant for. There are loads of back exercises, for both lower and upper back, but not all of them are actually effective. Below, I have mentioned some of the best back exercises for men and women. Some of these exercises are classic, but they work very effectively.

Best Back Workouts

Lawn Mowers Exercise:
This is one of the best back exercises with dumbbells, to get rid of a bulky back. To perform this exercise, grab dumbbells in each hand, and stand straight. Maintain a little more than shoulder-width distance between your feet. Hold the dumbbells in such a way that your palms face behind you. Holding the dumbbells, lower yourself, as if you are performing a squat, however do not go all the way to the ground. Simply bend your knees, lean forward, hold the position. Now slowly rotate your upper body to your left, also pull your left arm up at the same time. This position looks exactly like that of a lawn mower, which is why it is named so. Maintain the position for about 5 seconds, then come to the original position. Repeat it on the left side now.

This is one of the most common exercises. To perform deadlifts, you will need a kettlebell. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and the toes turned out, about a 45 degrees out. Place the kettlebell between your feet, squat down, grab the kettlebell, push your heels firmly into the ground and stand up. Keep your arms extended. Perform 10 repetitions, 2 sets are enough. However if you are new to exercises, do only one set of 10.

Bent Over Barbell Row:
This is one of the basic back exercises. To perform this back workout, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your waist bent. Grab the barbell with your hands, bend only slightly in the knees, lift the bar while keeping your arms straight. Keep your body at a 45 degree angle and then arch your back. Only move your arms to row the barbell into your stomach area. Hold the position for a few seconds, squeeze your back muscles then lower the bar. Do not let the barbell touch the ground between reps.

Supine Hamstring Stretch - Lying:
To perform this back fat exercise, lie on the floor with a rolled towel under your lower back (waist). Raise your right leg while bending your right hip. Keep your left leg straight on the ground. Hold your right thigh, keep your elbows straight and then straighten your right knee, move the feet upwards, towards the ceiling. You will feel a stretch on the backside of your thigh. Hold this position for about 30 seconds, repeat 2 times with both the legs.This is also one of the best exercises for lower back pain. Perform this exercise regularly to get rid of back pain.

These were some of the best back exercises for you. As you must have observed, these exercises are simple and can be performed by anyone. As stated earlier, do not stress yourself, do only as many repetitions as you can handle. You can gradually increase the count. Also, perform all these exercises regularly for best results.