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Bicep Exercises

Bicep Exercises

Exercises are necessary for you, if you like to wear sleeveless T-shirts or tank tops, regularly. To know the different types of bicep exercises that you can try out to sculpt or make your bicep muscles attractive, read on...
Shrinivas Kanade
Bicep exercises are necessary to train and develop well-defined muscles. You may have seen a pair of hand wrestlers straining hard to beat each other. At that time, you may also have noticed the bulge of the bicep muscles, in the upper arm. If you are determined to have, as sculpted muscles as that of the poster-boys of the bodybuilding magazines, you will have to work really hard on these exercises.

Bicep Workouts for Women

Are the exercises good for your health? Regular workouts helps in strengthening your bones and gives you a feeling of well-being. They are important in toning the body muscles, improving the balance and the carriage. These exercises helps you in achieving eye-catching arms. The biceps are made of two muscle sets: bicep brachii and brachialis. These muscles join the radius bone of forearm and scapula. It must be noted that it takes time in muscle building. Expecting quick results is of no use. Perform these exercises, at least, ones a week and after getting used to them, increase your efforts.

Bicep curls # 1
Sit on a bench or a stool and keep your legs apart. Holding the dumbbell in your left hand, bent at the elbow, lean into your legs. Maintain the upper left arm against the inner side of the left thigh. Your elbow must be in touch with the side of your inner side of the knee. Now, concentrate on the hand. Lift the dumbbell towards your face slowly and steadily without jerky movements. Stop the motion of your hand when the palm of your hand is facing your shoulder. Lower the dumbbell, slowly and steadily, to extend your hand fully. During this maneuver, do not let your elbow to stiffen or tighten. Depending on your stamina, repeat the exercise 5-10 times, with the same hand. Continue the exercise with the right hand and don't hurry up. Prefer using a light weight dumbbell. By performing the exercise slowly, you can achieve the same effect as that with a heavy dumbbell.

Bicep curls # 2
Sit on a chair facing it's back. With a dumbbell in your hand, rest the hand on the back of the chair. Your armpits should be level, with the top of the back of the chair. Starting position of this exercise is to hold the dumbbell hand parallel to the ground. The knuckles and elbow of your hand with the dumbbell should face the ground. Raise the dumbbell, until you forearm makes an angle of 90 degrees, with the ground. Make sure not to stiffen or constrict the elbow. It should be free enough to provide smooth and steady movement of the forearm. Lower the dumbbells unhurriedly and regain the starting position. Depending on your muscle power, repeat the exercise 5-10 times, with the same hand. Continue the exercise with the right hand and don't hurry up. Build enough stamina to complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions per set.

Bicep Workout for Men

Most of the people, who postpone the fitness training workouts, for the never arising 'tomorrow', have plenty of excuses not to do them. Lack of time is one of the main excuse, these people offers. Man, I do not have time go to the gym. The information presented below, may inspire some of them to perform these exercises at home. If you are looking for exercises which ensures bicep enhancement without weights, then you are right on track. You can build your muscles without going to any gym and without tiring yourself with weightlifting.

For this exercise you will need two chairs or stool and a pole. The pole should be strong enough to bear your weight and the stools or chairs should be equally strong. Secure the pole to the chairs or the stools. Lay in supine position, i.e., facing the ceiling of the room, underneath the pole. Take a firm overhand grip on the pole. Make sure the distance between the hands is more than the width of your shoulders. Pull yourself up without jerky movements slowly. Count two and lower yourself to the floor. Repeat the exercise for 5-10 repetitions.

For performing these exercises, you need a sturdy chair. Set it facing your bed, at a slight distance. Rest both of your hands on the edge of your bed and heels on the chair. Take the weight of your body on your hands and lower yourself, folding the elbows behind your back. Start with the exercise and build up your stamina and your bicep muscles.

It is said, that following your exercise program, regularly, can help you in avoiding mental illnesses like depression. They also increase your physical stamina and reduce stress. They bring all the benefits of exercising and nice looking biceps for you to display.