Bicep Workouts for Mass

Big biceps are a fascination for all of us. But most of us do not do anything about it, for the simple reason that it is too difficult a task. So here, we will have a look at some tips for working out on the biceps, besides checking out a couple of workouts too.
FitnessVigil Staff
Last Updated: Aug 9, 2018
Almost all bodybuilding enthusiasts hit the gymnasium with a craving for huge and well-chiseled biceps. You certainly cannot go downtown, flaunting your broad chest or curvy shoulders! So the only part you can expose fearlessly is your biceps! Of course nothing comes by without any hard work involved, but it isn't as difficult as it seems either.
Once you understand these important basics of bodybuilding, you can now move on to the advanced stage of getting some bicep exercises for mass, which you can include in your bicep workouts. Before starting any of these workouts, you need to perform a nice warm up session, including running and jogging, and some stretching exercises.
Workout 1
Weighted Chin Ups
Perhaps, the most effective mass building exercise for biceps is the weighted chin ups! This is a simple, yet the most challenging exercise.
Stretch your arms upwards and hold a straight barbell above your head, with the palms facing towards you. Tie some weight around your waist and have your trainer besides you for a light support. Keep a distance of about 5 - 6 inches between both the palms.
Hold the barbell firmly and lift yourself until your chin goes a bit above the barbell. Hold for a few seconds and come down slowly. Perform 3 - 4 sets and 8 - 9 repetitions. Try this exercise without tying any weights, so that you get to learn the right technique to balance your entire body during the exercise.
Bicep Curls
Bicep Curls
This is another popular and 'easy to do' exercise! Attach suitable weights to the barbell and hold it firmly, with the palms facing towards the front. Now lift the barbell slowly till your forearms touch the front part of your biceps.
Keep this position for a few seconds and then slowly bring down the barbell. Perform around 8 - 9 repetitions and 3 - 4 sets.
Preacher Curls
Preacher Curls
For preacher curls, you need to sit on a bench with a preacher stand in front of you. Hold a bar with suitable weights attached to it, elbows rested on the preacher stand, and palms facing towards the ceiling.
Lift the barbell and bring it close to your shoulders. Slowly bring it down. Perform 8 - 9 repetitions with 3 - 4 sets.
Workout 2
Hammer Curls
Smiling People Working Out With Dumbbells
Stand erect with dumbbells of suitable weight in your hands and palms facing towards each other. Now lift either of the dumbbells to feel the pressure in your biceps. Slowly bring the dumbbell down. Repeat with the other hand. 8 - 9 repetitions with 3 - 4 sets are quite enough.
Bicep Concentration Curls
A bicep concentration aims at muscle development with slow and intense movements. Sit on a bench and bend down. Keep suitable distance between your legs, and move your feet in front a bit to maintain upper body balance.
Keep your hand in such a position that the elbow is braced against your knee and is completely stretched. Now lift the dumbbell up to the shoulder level by using your bicep strength, but only moving your forearm. 
Maintain this position for a few seconds and then slowly bring down the dumbbell. Repeat with the other hand. Perform 8 - 10 repetitions with 3 - 4 sets.
Reverse Curls
This exercise is quite similar to the barbell bicep curls. However, the only difference over here is that you need to hold the barbell with your palms facing downwards. Lift the barbell slowly until you feel sufficient stress in your biceps.
Hold this position for a few seconds and bring down the barbell slowly. 3 - 4 sets with 9 - 10 repetitions would suffice. See to it that you use suitable weights, as these are reverse curls and therefore you need to put a lot of strength in lifting the barbell.
Tips on Bicep Workouts
Before moving onto the bicep workouts, you should be aware of some basics of bicep workouts, or in general the basics of bodybuilding workouts.
  • Firstly, you should not subject your muscles to undue strain. Know your limits and fix your workout time. Neither over exercise, nor under exercise!
Woman Performing Deadlift
  • Before lifting weights, think whether you can lift it. Do not attach more weights for gaining more muscle in less amount of time. Once you gain enough strength and confidence, you can go on to lifting heavier weights, though with a trainer's support.
  • Maintain a perfect balance while lifting weights. Imbalance might result in a serious muscle injury.
  • Always have your trainer besides you for supporting and guiding you for the right technique to do the exercises. Hard core bodybuilding is not a joke, therefore, you need someone to guide you properly and help you in reaching your goals!
These are the ideal bicep workouts for mass. You can follow either of them. Apart from these exercises, you can also perform some other exercises suggested by your physical trainer which can prove to be equally beneficial.
Bicep building, or in general bodybuilding, is not possible within a day or two. So have patience and be punctual in your workouts. Always focus on overall muscle development. Do not just confine yourself towards arm muscle building or likewise!