Benefits of Bicycle Exercise

Loveleena Rajeev Nov 24, 2018
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Cycling is perhaps one of the best overall body exercise that one can do. Here are some benefits that you should know.
A bicycle to move, needs to be physically pedaled by humans, and in doing so, the entire body comes into play. To pedal ahead, the legs need to keep moving in a constant circular motion. To do so, the legs and the upper body, along with the abdomen get stressed and exercised upon.

For the Heart

Bicycling is an excellent form of aerobic exercise, and helps attain good cardiovascular health. Individuals who cycle regularly enjoy a good control on blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes, all interlinked to incidence of heart problems.
It has been recommended that to attain optimal benefits of exercise, the heart rate must stay at an elevated level for a minimum 15 - 20 minutes, and this can be best achieved by medium-paced cycling, as compared to swimming, running, and jogging.
This helps the circulatory system by increasing the heart rate, and eventually increasing the blood flow or pumping.

For the Abs

Regular cyclists usually have well-toned abs or abdominal muscles. Because, while cycling, it is the upper body―the shoulder, the arms, and the abdomen―that coordinates and works together, targeting the muscles of the abdominal girdle.
Bicycling also helps to burn calories, which in return reduces accumulation of fat. As fat is mostly concentrated around the abdomen, it gets reduced from there, thereby toning, shaping, and strengthening the abdomen.

For Overall Tone

It is not just the abs that get shaped; the thighs, calves, shoulders, hips, and hands, all get toned. As you bicycle regularly, most muscles gets worked upon. However, to achieve good results, it has to be to a regular habit, or at least combined with some other exercise activity.
One can also enjoy the benefits of stationary bicycle exercise, if one does not have a regular bicycle or does not have the inclination to go riding. It is also an exercise that helps strengthen the bones.
Compared to jogging, beginners experience lesser pain and stress to various body parts. Cycling is also an excellent warmup exercise for those involved in aerobic or heavy weightlifting programs.
Bicycle exercise can be enjoyed with children and/or adults alike. So go cycling with friends or family, to ensure optimized heart and mind health. And don't forget to wear that helmet.