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Boot Camp Workout Plan

The Best and Most Effective 10-minute Boot Camp Workout Plan

Boot camp workout can be rigorous and thus, effective in burning calories. This fitness training program is organized and conducted by personal trainers and former military personnel. Here is some information about the various exercises which are included in this workout plan.
FitnessVigil Staff
Last Updated: Sep 3, 2018
Want to lose weight fast and get rid of those fats? Well, then you might go for a boot camp workout routine in a gymnasium, or perform it at home after consulting a fitness trainer.
It is a vigorous and extensive fitness regime, which involves aerobic exercises and weight training. It is called so because it involves training a group of people in an outdoor scenario. These routines are becoming popular in the fitness industry as a workout plan promoting camaraderie, fitness, and team effort.
A good boot camp workout routine includes strength training, circuit training, muscle flexibility and abdominal exercises. Here are a few boot camp workouts.
10 Minutes Drill - Version 1
High Knee Drill
Bootcamp Class Exercising In Park
Start off with a high knee drill. Stand straight and raise your knee as close to your chest as you can and then replace that foot on the ground. Repeat with the other foot. Keep the contact time with the ground minimum, and do it as fast as you can.
Jumping Jacks Outside
This is plain jumping, but while jumping you have to raise your arms above your head, and spread your legs while in the air. Jumping and raising your hands above your head should happen simultaneously.
Jump Push Up
Group of people exercising
Perform a high jump, as high as you can and then land on your feet and keep your hands on the ground. Now kick your feet back, this will get you into a push up position for a moment.
Perform a push up and then gather your feet with your hands which are on the ground. Then, again jump back in an upright position.
Dumbbell Push ups
Exercising on the beach
Place the dumbbells on the ground and attain a push up stance. Now hold the dumbbells and perform a push up, extending your arms totally.
Follow this up by lifting each dumbbell alternately up to your chest in the same position. Keep your abs tight, and back flat during this whole process.
Squats and Presses with Dumbbells
Squats and Presses with Dumbbells
Hold the dumbbells at shoulder level. Now squat down and while you get back into an upright position, push the dumbbells above your head and extend your arms fully. Then bringing the dumbbells down, go down on a 1/4th squat.
Forward lunge
This is the easiest of all the exercises. Stand with little less than shoulder-width distance between your legs and with your hands on your hips.
Step forward with your right leg. Then slowly lower yourself down, and bend your left leg first with back upright. The left knee should nearly touch the ground. Then push yourself up and repeat 20 times.
Bench Dip
Fitness man doing bench triceps dips outdoors while working out
Sit with your back towards a bench/chair and place your hands on the edge of a bench and lift your body up. Keep your feet on the ground and legs partly straight.
Now bend your arms up to about 90 degrees, and lower your body so that your rear end touches the floor. Get back to the original position and repeat the same step.
Hamstring Exercise
Keep your feet as wide apart as possible. Lean and bend forward and place your hands down, until you feel a considerable stretch in your hamstring muscle. Get back up to the original position and repeat the same steps.
Stand and Stretch
Stand by holding on to an object for support with your right hand. Now, bring your left foot up from behind and grab it with your left hand. Pull your leg up from behind, till you feel your hamstring stretch. Release the left leg, and repeat the same steps with the other leg.
Tricep Stretching
Arm stretch
Stand or sit upright and place the left arm at the base of the neck behind you. Grab the elbow of the left arm with the right hand and pull until you can feel a stretch in your triceps. Hold and repeat with the other hand.
  • The first three exercises should be performed in 30 seconds, without a break, from one to the other exercise. Take a breather and repeat.
  • Similarly, perform the following 4 exercises in 30 seconds each, without a break, from one exercise to the other.
  • Repeat the circuit twice.
10 Minutes Drill - Version 2
Squat Thrusts
Stand with your feet together, and then place your hands on the floor next to your feet. Now jump, to get your feet backwards in a push up position. Then, get your feet back between your hands with a jump and get back to the original position.
Slow Push ups
Couple doing push-ups at the park.Workout outdoors.
Perform 4 push ups, slowly with your abs in and your back straight. On the fifth push up go halfway down and hold till you count 4. Push your back up and repeat: 4 normal push ups and 1 half.
Walking Lunges
Exercising sporty men
Start at the end of a room and step forward with the right leg. You may also carry weights if you wish. Bend both the knees at 90 degrees and lower your body as if in a lunge.
Then bring the left forward and continue with each leg stretched for 30 to 60 seconds.
Jump with Front Kicks
Perform a jumping jack as mentioned earlier. When you get your feet together, raise the right knee and snap the foot as if you're performing a front kick. Do not totally extend the foot, and keep a slight bend. Repeat, switching from jumping jacks to kicks and vice versa.
Wall Sit with Chest Squeeze
Press your hands together or get a medicine ball. Now stand with your back touching the wall and slide down the wall slowly till your thighs and floor are parallel to each other. Remember to squeeze the ball simultaneously. Retain the pressure while you stretch your arms in front of you, and then gradually pull them back.
Ski Jumping
Keep your feet together in a standing position. Bending your knees, jump to the right as much as you can go. Try and jump laterally rather than vertically. Land softly and immediately jump on the other side.
Marching or Jogging on the Spot
Woman is jogging
Hold your arms in front of you around the waist and jog at one place.
Side Planks
Attain a push up position and proceed to perform a single push up. While you come up, transfer your weight onto your left arm and twist to the side. Now raise the right arm towards the ceiling in a side plank. Lowering the arm to its original position, repeat the process by alternating sides.
If you get tired, take a break after every two or three exercises.
There are many more varieties and combinations of these exercises. As you go on, the intensity and difficulty increases. This workout also involves some form of diet regime.