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Calories Burned on an Elliptical Trainer

Pragya T Feb 6, 2019
Elliptical machines are great for full body workouts; the calories that are burned are quite high. Here is some more information regarding this subject.
The elliptical machine is also called cross-trainer or simply elliptical. There are many such machines in a gym. This fitness equipment helps to stimulate walking or running without putting too much pressure on the joints.
Thus, while comparing a treadmill vs. elliptical, the latter stands out as a better machine, which helps for working out with reduced possibility of an injury. These non-impact cardiovascular workout machines, allow a person to carry out light to high intensity workouts.

Calories Burned

This depends on various factors, which include the amount of workout minutes, the interval training, and the machine tension settings. The factors concerning an individual's body are the body composition, muscle to fat ratio, weight, sex, and upper body usage.
The amount of calories burned is also affected by the state of cardiovascular system, i.e., if a person is regular at exercising or new to it. Here are some figures, according to weight and sex.
  • For a half an hour session, a woman weighing 150 pounds will burn about 387 calories.
  • For the same duration, a man weighing 180 pounds will burn around 480 calories.
  • For the same duration, a woman weighing 120 pounds will burn 310 calories.
  • The manufacturers of this equipment claim that a person can burn up to 720 calories in an hour's workout.
Some sites allow a person to calculate the amount of calories burned by using this equipment. You need to enter your weight, workout time, and other body composition details.

Tips to Improve your Workout

  • You can try building up 30 seconds incline interval every couple of minutes during exercising. This will push your body limits further, and also help you to burn more calories in a short duration.
  • Another way to use the equipment is to break your workout into two sessions. For example, you can do a 15 minute workout in the morning, as well as in the evening.
  • Keep alternating your motion on the elliptical, by switching the forward and backward positions.
  • Use the arm bars to build your arm muscles, and burn the fats from the arms, while simultaneously working on your legs. You can also try the 2 to 4 pound hand weights, by swinging your arms while walking.
Treadmill is one of the most common fitness machines used in gyms and homes for exercising. But, when elliptical vs. treadmill is compared, one can observe that the amount of calories burned on the former are more. Hence, keep in mind the these tips, and improve your workout on the elliptical equipment to lose weight and to gain muscles.