Calories Burned on a Rowing Machine

This article tells you about rowing machine, calories burned on it and why is it a good exercise. Rowing is the best cardiovascular exercise so read further, to know how many calories can you burn on a rowing machine.
FitnessVigil Staff
Rowing machine is a must have exercise equipment for you if you have a heavy lower body. Using it everyday helps you reduce fat from stomach, buttocks and thighs. In short, it helps you shape and tone your lower body muscles. Rowing is also one of the strength building exercises as the smooth and slow rowing motion provides exercise to the whole body and also helps you build your stamina. Like treadmill and elliptical, rowing machine too is a good calorie burner. Though rowing seems easy, it is one of the challenging cardiovascular exercises that checks your strength and endurance at all levels.
Calories Burned
According to health and fitness experts, thirty minutes on rowing machine burns more calories than peddling a stationary cycle. A person can lose up to 210 calories after 30 minutes of moderate stationary rowing. Generally an hour spent on the machine burns over 600 calories. High intensity workout helps to burn more calories. The amount of calories burnt on a rowing machine depends on the sex, age and weight of the person using it. An average 170 lb male is known to lose 340 calories if he vigorously exercises on this machine. Calories burned by an average 130 lb female after vigorous half an hour rowing are little less, that is up to 260. This machine is also one of the best aerobic exercises. It increases your body metabolism, that helps you lose calories even when you are resting and when you are going through a muscle recovery. So it is important to note that you can lose more calories with it. Calorie loss results in weight loss, that helps you stay fit and healthy. So calories burned on rowing machine are much more than any other stationary exercise tools.
As I mentioned earlier, there are various benefits of rowing machines. The heart and lungs are known get tremendous benefits from regular workouts with it. It improves blood circulation system and provides heart with a continuous supply of oxygen rich blood. It also improves respiratory system by providing a healthy exercise to the lungs resulting in an increase in lung capacity. Rowing machine is also good for people who want to reduce weight faster. People with diabetes, blood pressure, and high cholesterol too, can use the machine with moderate or mild program setting. This helps them maintain sugar and fat levels in the body without any rigorous activities. Along with lower body, rowing machine is good for arms, back, chest, and abdominal muscles. It also helps sportsmen who require balance, coordination and judgment. There is another benefit for people who cannot hit the gym every day. For such people it is the best indoor exercise, that helps them stay fit in a hectic lifestyle.
How to Use a It
The machine is very user-friendly and comes in a lot of varieties. You can set various programs on it with desirable level of the resistance. Beginners should start with little resistance and experienced people can go for desirable resistance level. First, wear comfortable exercise clothes and sit properly on the machine, keeping your back straight. Take your legs in tightly and secure your feet into foot pedals. The rightly placed feet help you build your leg muscles. Now hold on to the handle without bending your elbows. Go back and forth on the rowing machine without arching your back. It is important to pay attention to the back posture, as the wrong posture can cause serious back injury. Opt for mild programs till you learn the technique well. Gradually you can set moderate and intense programs that help you burn more fat and calories.
With this information I am sure you will add one of the best rowing machine to your home gym. It will help you stay fit and healthy forever!