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Cardio Workouts at Home Without Equipment

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 17, 2019
Cardio workouts at home without equipment are as good as hitting the gym to lose weight. There are several day-to-day activities that you can perform at home, which yield excellent results for losing weight and building stamina.
Worried about your deteriorating health? Here's your answer. There are many cardio workouts that can be done at home without having to use any equipment, which help you get back in shape. In fact, doing our daily activities with diligence and regularity are excellent way of performing best cardio workouts at home.
However, losing weight takes some time. It takes time, dedication, and commitment towards oneself to achieve the priceless reward of a fit body. Get in your gear, warm up, and begin!

Take the Stairs

Taking stairs instead of the elevator is an excellent exercise. Every time you step out of your house or whenever you get back, take the stairs up to the apartment. Climbing stairs, strengthens your legs and is a good cardio workout too.

Sweeping and Mopping

Find the broom, take a duster, and begin the cleaning routine to get in shape. The constant bending, stretching, backward and forward movements of the body, gives your whole body an excellent workout.

Jumping Ropes

Jumping ropes are dirt cheap, but yield 100% returns. Invest in a jumping rope and spare yourself 15 minutes in the day. Put on some music and begin jumping. Athletes are known to use jumping rope to warm up before they begin practicing.


Calisthenics are often confused to be body weight exercises. Actually, calisthenics are performing exercises on the place. For instance, jumping, marching, and jumping jacks. Such exercises can be done while you are cooking, talking on the phone or watching TV.
Do about 4-5 calisthenic exercises one after the other, with no time lapse in between. Performing these exercises in a constant rhythm helps in burning more fat.

Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is a stress buster and an exercise, which requires no equipment whatsoever. Shadow boxing is an effective cardio workout at home, for those who do not have time to go to the gym..
To do this exercise, pretend as though someone's in front of you and begin boxing. This can be done more accurately while standing in front of the mirror. If you are willing to spend a little more, buy yourself a boxing bag.

Step Out

Walking, trekking, running, and jogging are easy cardio workouts at home which do not require any equipment. You just need to step outdoors to do these exercises. Fix a time that's suitable for you and breathe some fresh air with these exercises.
Whether it's for losing weight or being fit, strict exercise regimen, together with healthy diet will help you remain in a good shape.
Many of us find it difficult to wake up in the morning to exercise, and evenings are too occupied to worry about fitness. Getting enough sleep by sleeping early, is the only way of getting up early to give some time to your fitness schedule. A fit body lives longer and happier. Put in little effort to exercise, to live a hale and hearty life!