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Concentration Curls

Concentration Curls

Concentration curls pack your biceps with immense strength and energy. It is an ace strength training routine for you to apply, and procure a muscular body and enviably muscular biceps. This article is packed with the benefits that the exercise can arm you with ... so read up, and build on.
Azmin Taraporewala
The concentration curl has been a pioneer arm exercise in bodybuilding since the 1970s! It is one of the forms of bodybuilding exercises used by weightlifters and bodybuilders to tone and build their arm muscles. The concentration curl focuses on the arms, and as the name suggests, concentrates and sequestrates the bicep muscles completely.
Bodybuilding is indeed incomplete without involving these concentration curls. There are two types of concentration curls: 1) Cable concentration curl; and 2) Dumbbell concentration curl. The exercises are devised in such a manner that all the work is done by the biceps, giving the biceps an active role to perform.
How to Perform the Concentration Curl Exercise
1. This involves one arm concentration curls followed consecutively by the other.

2. Make yourself seated on a flat bench, spreading your legs apart. The space between your legs should not be too wide. It should be comfortable enough for you to perform the concentration curl exercise.

3. The next step is to slightly bend forward and hold a dumbbell in the palm tightly.
4. It is required that the position of the dumbbell is correct. The palm in which you carry the dumbbell should be placed in such a manner that the dumbbell hangs, when the elbow is placed on the insides of the thigh.

5. Be energetic and alert. Keep your back straight and your head steady while performing the exercise.
6. Now, this is the time for executing the exercise. Lift the dumbbell with one arm, placing the elbow on the thigh, close to the knee and not on the knee. Place it on the thigh with strength, so that the elbow appears to be bolted to the thigh.

7. When you start to curl your arm, bend the wrist outwards.

8. Press your arm firmly, while you lift the dumbbell for one count. Slowly and steadily return to the original position of placing the arm towards the insides of the inner thigh.
9. The repetition cycle involves performing one to three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions of the dumbbell curls with a medium weight.

10. Repeat the same for the other arm.

The cable concentration exercise is similar to the dumbbell concentration curls, except that you use the cable pulley machine, instead of the dumbbell. Sit on a flat bench, hold the cable handle in its lowest posture and pull towards the body.
Tips for Concentration Curl Exercise
  • Always remember to start lifting light weights and then move on to the heavy ones. This is a type of warm up exercise for your arm muscle building.
  • Avoid swinging your arms while performing the concentration curls. It is required that the arm is firmly placed on the thigh. It should be virtually locked with minimal movement. Focus on keeping your body still, just flex your muscles.
  • Light exercise is the roadway to gaining muscle mass and developing strong, muscular biceps. Thus, one needs to pay attention to the actual performance of the exercise rather than the weight, one is lifting.
  • A very important tip to consider is the amount of time you press your biceps firmly at the top of the concentration curl. Stay there for a while and return to the original position.
Executing concentration curls is indeed one of the best bicep exercise for men. They focus on building the arm with strength and render height to the biceps. You will also be able to carry your children and their heavy satchels, groceries or any heavy item, with utmost ease and comfort - now that is where the benefits come into the picture! So, when are you forging ahead, and adopting the exercise in your daily weightlifting routine?