CrossFit Exercise Routines

The following write-up will take you through the advantages of CrossFit exercise routines and let you in on some good ones.
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Last Updated: Jul 18, 2018
Push Ups For The Professionals
CrossFit exercises are developed with a specific purpose in mind - to lead to overall strength, stability and endurance.
These exercises are unique in the way that they combine a variety of exercise types and forms to create specialized routines which focus on the entire body, as opposed to certain sections of the same. Their advantages are thus quite extensive.
These routines follow the same principle as that of exercises followed by military personnel, and in that manner have a universal standard by which anyone can use them.
CrossFit exercises are a great choice to make for an all-body workout because instead of focusing on a particular body part or a group of muscles, the CrossFit workout routine provides for a complete workout that alternates between a high intensity and low intensity workout.
Sport Class Doing Kettlebell Swing
This technique of interval training usually involves alternating strenuous exercises like gymnastics, weightlifting and sprinting in combination with other exercises like jumping, pull-ups, squats and push-ups among others.
Since this is a specialized exercise routine, one has to undergo training from a professional trainer before getting into it.
The Working Principle
When we do certain types of exercises - either cardiovascular, aerobic, isometric, or others, our body gets used to the exercise over a period of time - such that one has to then increase the intensity of the exercises to challenge the body and bring about results.
That is where CrossFit exercises differ from other forms of exercises. The main principle being - to not let the body slip into a routine and develop a slack.
Female Sprinters In Starting Blocks
The aim is to constantly challenge the body by putting it through physical activity that focuses on a combination of exercises that include intense activities like weight training, gymnastics, calisthenics, sprinting, rowing, plyometrics and others. This ensures a full body workout.
Exercises Included
CrossFit training incorporates several exercises to form a workout routine. The following are a list of exercises that are included in the same.
L sit
Box Jumps
Jump Box In Gym
Sit ups
Pull ups
Push ups
Training With Barbell
Air squats
Air squats
Box squat
Box squat
Jump rope
Jump rope
Rope climb
Rope climb
Gym Athletes
Shoulder press
Shoulder press
Bench press
Body Builders Building Weights Man Silhouettes
Tire flip
Pushing Tire
Back extension
Back extension
Kettlebell swing
Two Women Trains With Kettle Bells
Toes to bar
Knees to elbows
Double unders
Double unders skipping jump
Handstand push-ups
  • Snatch
  • Hang clean
  • Military press
  • Burpee
  • Thrusters
  • Ring dips
  • DG
  • Full clean
  • Dips
  • Sumo deadlift high pull
Its Advantages
Complete Fitness
Since this form of exercise includes a variety of exercises, it ends up working the whole body and thereby leads to complete fitness. The skills that are enhanced include stamina, strength, coordination, balance, agility, endurance, power, accuracy and flexibility. It also leads to weight loss and helps to tone the body.
Intense Workouts
CrossFit workouts are usually high intensity in nature. They are aimed at pushing a person to his limits and that is what benefits him. Moderate intensity exercises may not help a person as much as high intensity workouts will. So whether it is weight-loss, over-all fitness or muscle gain, these form of workouts help in achieving each of these goals.
Constant Stimulation
Each routine is made up of a combination of several exercises and these exercises change with every new routine. It is due to this that there is very less chance of boredom setting in, and the danger of quitting is thereby reduced because there is always something new to look forward to, which challenges you.
Pushes You to the Limit
Working Out At The Gym
CrossFits are high intensity workouts. At first, it might seem impossible to complete a class, but as time passes by, you'll notice that you get better and better. It thus helps you to overcome mental barriers and makes you physically and mentally tough.
A Sense of Competition
These exercises are usually carried out with a group of people and there is a coach who constantly guides and motivates you. This makes it a highly charged setting to exercise in and motivates people. When one knows that they are being watched and that others are competing with them, people put in more efforts and strive to do their best.
Challenging Yourself
CrossFit routines are timed and the aim is to better one's time with every workout. Thus there is a sense of competition with oneself. One has to better their time with every new workout, which cannot happen unless one puts in efforts and challenges oneself. There is a sense of achievement that is a associated with this.
Points to Keep in Mind
  • Warm-ups are an essential component to be done before any exercise routine because they loosen and prepare the muscles for the workout that is to follow. If these are not done then it can cause injuries and lead to complications.
  • Warm-ups should include simple running and jogging exercises, air squats, sit-ups and walking lunges. These could be done in sets of 2, each containing 20 reps.
  • CrossFit exercises ideally follow a pattern of a 2-3 days intensive workout and one day rest, followed by a 3-day workout again. This allows the body the time to recover and repair the wear and tear. When one formulates a routine, this should be kept in mind.
Sample Routine
  • Back squats of 95 pounds (50 reps)
  • Rope climbing-15 ft. (5 times)
  • Back squats of 115 pounds (40 reps)
  • Rope climbing-15 ft. (4 times)
  • Back squats of 135 pounds (30 reps)
  • Rope climbing-15 ft. (3 times)
  • Back squats of 155 pounds (20 reps)
  • Rope climbing-15 ft. (twice)
  • Back squats of 175 pounds (10 reps)
  • Rope climbing-15 ft. (Once)
  • Bench press - 2x10
  • Take a break between each set
Rest Day
  • Left arm kettlebell snatch of 1.5 pound
  • Right arm kettlebell snatch of 1.5 pound
  • Pull ups
  • Alternate all these with each other in 21-15 and 9 reps.
  • Front squats - 1x7
  • Take a break between each set
  • Snatch (1 rep)
  • Clean and jerk (1 rep)
  • Squat clean of 55 kg (6 reps)
  • Pull ups (12)
  • Double-unders (24)
Rest Day
CrossFit exercises are fast gaining popularity, especially in America. Given the positive results that they lead to, it is not a surprising fact at all. Yet, one has to make sure that they train under a professional coach because doing these exercises by themselves or under an amateur coach can lead to more harm than good.