CrossFit Exercises at Home

CrossFit Exercises at Home

CrossFit exercises have become very popular in the recent days. This Buzzle article tells you how to do them, as well as lists its various benefits.
Exercises are necessary to maintain physical fitness. There are different kinds of exercises that help achieve fitness. One of these is CrossFits. Weightlifting, gymnastics, and sprinting are a part of CrossFit workouts. They help in increasing stamina, strength, cardiovascular endurance, etc. Normally, these routines have a combination of running and jogging, rope climbing, carrying heavy objects, etc.

These athletes adapt power-lifting and Olympic weightlifting techniques for the same. Different kind of exercise equipment can also. CrossFits are a part of a number of gym routines all around the world and are also used for physical fitness of many law enforcement agencies all around the world. One can do them at home as well. Let's see how.

How to do CrossFits at Home?

When you decide to do CrossFits at home, you may not have the required exercise equipment. However, you can use the equipment readily available at home. Most of us would have a jumping rope, which can be used for cardiovascular endurance. Instead of the dumbbells, barbels, etc., one can use the water bottles, and other heavy objects. One can make use of body weight workouts for better benefit as well. As a matter of fact, body weight and gravity are a great exercise equipment in themselves.

For Beginners

There are a number of exercises, which can be performed at home. These exercises are good for people who cannot make it to the gym. They can also be done by people who have missed their workout for reasons like traveling, late night at work, etc. An important point about CrossFit workout for beginners is that the person should aim to improve his performance. Also, one should keep a record of this performance.

Maximum number of exercises should be performed in the first set, and the number of repetitions in the subsequent sets should be reduced, but the weight should be increased. If one cannot increase weight for the next sets, then one should hold the final exercise position for every repetition. This will also give the same effect as increasing the weights. The list of exercises, which can be a part of the CrossFit workout is as follows:

Name of the ExerciseSet 1Set 2Set 3
Burpees12 repetitions9 repetitions6 repetitions
Squats12 to 15 repetitions10 to 12 repetitions7 to 8 repetitions
Half Situps15 repetitions12 repetitions10 repetitions
Push Ups12 repetitions9 repetitions6 repetitions
Tuck Jumps12 to 15 repetitions10 to 12 repetitions7 to 8 repetitions
Back Extensions12 repetitions10 repetitions7 repetitions
Lunges12 to 15 repetitions10 to 12 repetitions7 to 8 repetitions

Along with these exercises, you will also have to include cardiovascular exercises. You can alternate between the two, when you are doing the CrossFit workout. The other alternative is to combine both. You can start by sprinting 50 meters, and then gradually increase it to sprinting to 200 meters. Likewise, you can also make use of a jumping rope as well. Start off with jumping 100 to 150 jumps and then go up to 500. One can make use of cross training exercises as well.

It is important to have minimal time gap between two sets. This will ensure that the muscles have sufficient time to rest, which helps to work the muscles, also when you have long stopped working out. It is also important to take one day rest every week. If you work the muscles everyday, it can cause muscle fatigue, and give rise to complications. Hence, make sure you take a day off per week. Before you start with the workout routine, make sure you have spoken to your health care professional to make sure you are fit to do the exercises.
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