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CrossFit Workouts for Beginners

Shashank Nakate Oct 8, 2018
The CrossFit methodology of working out, is a relatively new concept. It helps in working out the body in different ways. Let us have a look at some of the CrossFit workouts for beginners.

CrossFit workout

CrossFit workout is aimed at enhancing the overall health. These workout routines incorporate various forms of exercises like sprinting, weightlifting, gymnastics, etc.
The different areas of fitness in which CrossFit workouts operate are stamina, endurance, flexibility, strength, balance, power, agility, speed, accuracy and coordination. The workouts incorporated in CrossFit are useful for enhancing work capacity of the body in these different areas.
These workouts help in bringing about hormonal and neurologic adaptations. The methodology of working out has been both appreciated and criticized by people. Promoters of CrossFit cite these mentioned pros of this methodology of working out.
Critics on the other hand consider exercising in this manner as unscientific. Studying the underlying principles of CrossFit is therefore important.
The CrossFit workouts incorporate different types of exercises. Various exercises included in CrossFit routines make them very useful in working out the different body parts. CrossFit workouts for women and men do not differ much.
Methodology of CrossFit doesn't categorize a particular form of workout in certain type or section. One has to perform these exercises on the basis of degree to which he/she can stretch the body. These exercises help the body to become strong and flexible at the same time.

CrossFit Workout Routine

The following CrossFit workouts for beginners would give an idea about this methodology of exercising. It is performed on 3 alternate days of the week viz. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


On Monday, the exercises to be performed include the following: push ups (40), standing long jumps (10), dumbbell swings (20), squats (40) and skipping the rope for 3 minutes. These exercises should be repeated after resting for 3 minutes.


The workout routine for Wednesday should be as follows: dumbbell thrusters (20), pull ups (20), kettlebell snatches (10 for each hand) and overhead squats (20). All the exercises should be repeated after a gap of 3 minutes.


The following workouts should be performed on Friday: deadlifts (40), burpee with push ups (20), lunges with arm curls (20), sprinting in place for 1 minute and doing push presses with barbell (20). These workouts need to be repeated after resting for 3 minutes.

Two-Week CrossFit Workout Routine

One can also think about following the 2-week routine for CrossFit workout. This workout schedule is set for 5 days of the week, which spans from Monday to Friday. It is advisable to rest on Saturdays and Sundays.

Week 1

Here are the workouts for 5 days of a week, in a step-by-step manner.


One should go for a 400 m run on the first day, followed by performing 10 squats. This workout pattern should be repeated once more before retiring for the day.


Intensity of the workouts have to be increased a bit on Tuesday. Eight hundred meters of jogging should warm up the body properly for workouts.
One should perform 4 rounds of push ups (6), pull ups (3) and squats (9). The exercise routine should end with an 800 m jogging exercise - used for cooling down.


On Wednesday, warm up exercises should include the jumping jacks (30) and slow squats (10). Main exercise of this routine includes 10 sit ups and push ups each. As many rounds as possible of sit ups and push ups need to be performed within 15 minutes.


Workouts for Thursday are similar to those performed on Monday. One has to run 400 m and do 10 squats thereafter. These exercises should be repeated twice. The entire workout should end with an 800 m walk.


On this final day of the week, as many rounds as possible of pull ups (2), push ups (5) and squats (8) need to be performed within 15 minutes.

Week 2

In the second week, exercises performed for days starting from Monday to Thursday should be same as that in the week 1.
On Friday, however, the workouts need to be changed a little bit. Along with pull ups, push ups and squats, sit ups should also be added to the list. Twenty-five repetitions of all the workouts mentioned should be performed.

CrossFit Games

These games are used to test the participants for their physical strength, agility, flexibility, endurance and in short, allround fitness. Such games are conducted at local as well as international levels.
All these workouts presented, would help in understanding how to set a routine for these exercises. As per the critics of CrossFit, exercises included in this method lack in terms of periodization and accreditation standards. As per the arguments that support CrossFit methodology, these workout routines are scheduled in a safe and sensible manner.
Moreover, individual needs also are taken into account. Thus, one should go for CrossFit workouts under proper guidance, know-how of exercises and understand their effects on the body.