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CrossFit Workouts for Women

CrossFit Workouts for Women

CrossFit workouts have become very popular all around the world. A number of women have benefited from the use of CrossFit workouts for women. These workouts combine a number of activities in a workout, which helps in achieving the overall fitness goal.
FitnessVigil Staff
CrossFit is a fitness brand, which is into strength and conditioning. There are different types of activities, that are combined in a workout regime. Activities that are often combined include weightlifting, gymnastics and sprinting. The aim of these workouts is to increase proficiency in different areas of fitness like, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, accuracy, etc. Therefore, the activities taken up by these athletes are of wide range such as carrying odd heavy objects, rope jumping, running, sprinting, etc. Different exercise equipment are used in the workout, such as dumbbells, barbells, pull up bars, gymnastic rings, stability balls, etc., however, it does not mean bodyweight exercises are not practiced. As a matter of fact, a lot of importance is placed on a number of bodyweight exercises. The CrossFit workouts for men and women do not differ in a large way. the difference is often in the amount of weight that is carried, or in the number of repetitions that are performed.
Beginner's CrossFit Workouts for Women
The CrossFit workouts are designed according to the current fitness level of the person. If a person has been into workouts for a considerable amount of time, then the workout will differ from a person who is new to exercise. Along with the difference in exercise, change is also made to the number of repetitions performed by each person. There may be some people who will perform as many as 50 squats, while there may be others who will be able to do not more than 20 squats. Hence, it is important not to compare workouts of one another, when one is into CrossFit training. We will now take a look at CrossFit workouts for beginners for women.
Workout # 1
This sample workout should be repeated twice on alternate days. Eventually the number of counts and number of sets can be increased to increase the intensity of the workout. You may also want to add running between each set of the bodyweight exercises. This will further fuel weight loss and fat loss, as more number of calories will get burned with the running sets.
Exercise Number of Repetition Number of Sets
Jogging 5 to 7 minutes ~~~~~~
Running 400 meters 1 set
Lunges 20 counts 2 sets
Push Ups 10 counts 2 sets
Sit Ups 20 counts 2 to 3 sets

Workout # 2
It is best to switch over to this sample workout, after you have gotten used to the previous workout. Like the previous workout, this workout should also be repeated twice on alternate day and eventually it can be repeated 3 to 4 times a day. The number of counts or repetitions should be increased only after a gap of 2 weeks. Anything before two weeks will not give you the similar results.
Exercise Number of Repetition Number of Sets
Jumping Jacks 50 to 100 counts 2 to 3 sets
Running 800 meters 2 sets
Squats 20 counts 3 to 4 sets
Pull Ups 8 to 10 counts 2 to 3 sets
Deadlifts 12 to 15 counts 2 to 3 sets
Bench Press 8 to 10 counts 2 to 3 sets
Sit Ups 20 counts 3 to 4 sets
Jogging 2 to 3 minutes ~~~~~~~

You can also choose to combine these two workouts. Similarly, these exercises can be done using different exercise equipment as well. When you start doing CrossFit it is recommended that they are done under the supervision of a trainer. There are chances, that you may not perform the exercises properly, which the trainer will be able to correct. At the same time, it is best left to the trainer to increase the number of counts and repetitions, as the trainer will be in a better position to judge your fitness level. When you start with the exercise it is recommended that you do not push yourself way over the limits either, as it can lead to injuries.
Disclaimer: The workouts mentioned in this write up are sample workouts. They should be practiced after consulting a fitness expert. The right number of repetitions and number of sets will vary from person to person depending on the person's fitness level.