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Daily Exercise Routine

Nicks J Nov 24, 2018
Following a daily exercise routine can go a long way in maintaining good health and decrease the number of visits to the doctor, thereby reducing health care expenses.
Whether it is to increase strength or lose weight, a daily exercise routine is a must. Exercise is essential to maintain both physical and mental fitness. Exercising everyday helps to promote a healthy heart, build muscles and strengthens the bones and joints. With so many advantages, one simply should not hesitate to do a set of exercises daily.

Push Ups

To build muscles, especially those located in the shoulder area, push ups is a very good exercise. Also, one does not require any equipment to do push ups. It is one of the best exercises to gain strength and tone up the upper abs.
There are different types of push ups but many prefer the basic push ups. One handed or the fingertip push ups are not easy to practice but are equally beneficial to promote overall health.


When it comes to losing weight or improving endurance, many Americans trust this form of exercise. Running is another fast calorie burning activity, that can strengthen the heart and even slow down aging.


This is yet another outdoor activity that can provide long-term health benefits. This endurance training exercise can help to build muscles when done on a regular basis. Swimming workout can boost cardiovascular health and increase your stamina.


Lifting dumbbells is a popular way to gain muscle mass. From actors like Tom Cruise to wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, everyone has found dumbbell exercises helpful to improve general strength.
An exercise routine for beginners generally starts with lifting of lightweight dumbbells. People who are new to weight training should avoid lifting heavy weight dumbbells, as it can cause muscle tear.

Jumping Rope

Skipping exercises act like 'calorie burning machines' and are an effective way to lose weight fast. It is a high intensity exercise that can unlock excess fat accumulated in the body.
Rope jumping for 5-10 minutes daily can provide amazing fitness levels. A rope jump workout for 5-10 minutes daily provides heart healthy benefits and even promote weight loss.

How Long to Do?

Many people suggest that exercising for an hour is necessary to derive health benefits. However, that is not true and exercise routine that lasts for 35-40 minutes is sufficient for a healthy living.
Whatever physical activity one chooses as a part of daily exercise, religiously do it to get the best results. One also has to enjoy the activity and be in a positive frame of mind while doing exercises, to reap health benefits.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a qualified gym instructor.