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Does a Waist Trimmer Belt Actually Work?

Nicks J Nov 5, 2018
Wearing a waist trimmer belt while exercising is said to boost your efforts in losing weight. The following write-up discusses the efficacy of this weight loss product.

Did You Know?

A waist trimmer belt is no substitute for exercise and healthy diet. The ability of this product to lose fat is not backed up by any clinical trials. So, it should be viewed as a complementary tool to your weight loss regimen. 
Strongly advertised as a weight loss tool, the waist trimmer belt is touted to be a popular remedy to shed extra fat. The trimmer belt is usually made from neoprene―a synthetic rubber, and is marketed as a great addition to your weight loss endeavors.
To derive its reported benefit, you need to put on the trimmer belt and perform your exercise regularly. So, does the waist trimmer belt really work or is it another overhyped weight loss product? Let's find out.

What Does a Trimmer Belt Do?

The trimmer belt is primarily designed to raise your body temperature during exercise. So, before starting your workout, firstly wrap the belt around your tummy. During exercise, the heat generated around the core is retained.
The worn belt prevents heat from escaping around the abdominal area. The heat buildup increases your core body temperature, which purportedly allows you to burn more calories during exercise.
Its ability to trap heat in the mid-section may help melt fat around the abdominal area. This may contribute in losing fat at a faster rate. Thus, any form of rigorous workout done by wearing the trimmer belt may help you to lose weight in the long run.

Other Functions

Moreover, tightening the tummy with a waist trimmer belt also helps lose water weight. When you put on this belt and exercise, heat is preserved around the abdominal area. However, the trapped heat causes excessive perspiration, especially around the area that is covered with this belt, causing a significant amount of fluid loss.
This increased water loss over time from your abdominal region may eventually give the appearance of a trimmer tummy. Experts argue that losing water weight is not something to rejoice as the weight will eventually be retained once you consume adequate water post your workout.

The Flip Side

As mentioned, when you put on the belt during exercise, it can cause profuse sweating around the abdominal area, which eliminates excess water from the body tissues. However, this can make you feel dehydrated in the midst of a workout. To avoid facing such a situation, make sure to drink sufficient water before you start your exercise regime.
Also, the waist trimmer belt will not fit properly if you have a bear belly or a tummy with love handles. Simply put, people with a larger waist size may not be able to use this belt. So, keeping your waist size in mind, decide whether it would be worth buying this weight loss product or not.


As far as purchasing is concerned, make sure you buy the product from a trusted source and that it is manufactured by a reputed brand. Vive and Fitness Pro are some of the popular brands that sell these trimmer belts.
In addition, the belt can be useful to improve your posture, as it is comfortable and supports the back region quite well. Keep in mind that the waist trimmer belt will be of little use if you are leading a couch potato lifestyle. An active lifestyle combined with usage of waist trimmer belt is what may work to improve your weight loss results.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical professional.