Elliptical Vs. Treadmill

Bhakti Satalkar Jan 26, 2019
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Since the introduction of elliptical machines, there is a debate among the fitness aficionados about which machine is better elliptical or treadmill. Read on.
The world has become fitness crazy, hence there are a number of exercise machines, that are introduced in the market. One such equipment is the elliptical machine. If you are planning to buy either a treadmill or elliptical then you most certainly would want to compare both of them to choose the best for your needs.

An Elliptical Or a Treadmill?

When it comes to comparison of these two machines, it is very difficult to say, which one is the best. The main reason being, each one has a different purpose. We will do the elliptical treadmills comparison based on certain points.
When it comes to the first point in the comparison, people always want to know whether one should use an elliptical or a treadmills for weight loss. The number of calories burnt depends on the stride of the elliptical and the belt length of the treadmill.
The smaller the length of the stride, lesser will be the number of calories burnt, as the body will move less. The same is the case with a treadmill. If the length of the belt of the treadmill is small, you will not be able to take longer strides with it, which will indirectly mean that you will burn less calories.
There are a number of tests which were carried out to calculate the number of calories burnt. Some tests favor the treadmills, while others favor ellipticals. This means that it will depend on your choice, what is that you would want to use and what are you more comfortable with.
Cardiovascular exercises performed on both a treadmill as well as an elliptical will give more or less the same results, as the higher the intensity of the workout, higher will be the number of calories burnt.
On a treadmill, you may choose to walk on an incline with a higher speed or walk without incline at a moderate speed. Similarly, you may use a higher intensity program, when you are using the elliptical or use a lower intensity program as well.
After the number of calories comes the impact that these machines will have on the joints. If you have a joint problem, especially knee problem, then you may want to choose an elliptical as opposed to a treadmill.
The impact on the joint when you run on the treadmill is much more than an elliptical workout. However, these days there are many models available, which come with orthopedic belts, that help in cushioning the impact on the joints.
Let's now take a look on the space requirements of a treadmill and an elliptical. Both occupy a decent amount of floor space. However, the treadmill may score over an elliptical in the space area, as most of the treadmill manufacturers do manufacture folding models of treadmills.
These can be folded, to save the floor space, when the treadmill is not in use. On the other hand, the elliptical machines will occupy the space all the time.
Now lets compare the costs of an elliptical and a treadmill. If you are walking on a tight budget, you may want to choose an elliptical as compared to cheap treadmills, as an elliptical is more cheap as compared to a treadmill. However, make sure you do not buy either a low cost treadmill or elliptical, as they will, in the long run develop problems.
Treadmills create a lot of noise as compared to an elliptical. The noise of the treadmill stems from the motor and from the person running on it. Whereas, an elliptical is quieter as with the elliptical the person is not hitting the deck. Noise is where the elliptical scores over a treadmill.
To conclude the debate, an elliptical scores over a comparable treadmill in the costs department. As far as the workouts are concerned, the calories spent are more or less the same. However, an elliptical is easier on the knees.