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Elliptical Workout Plan

Kanika Khara Jan 22, 2019
Elliptical trainer is considered to the best exercise equipment for fast weight loss. If you are looking for an effective way of weight loss, check out the elliptical workout plan explained here.
With the Internet flooded with information about different exercise plans to lose weight, it becomes extremely difficult to choose which one would be the most effective one for you.
In the quest of losing weight fast, we try all the possible options right from different weight loss diets to never ending, long, strenuous exercise routines. However, such things do benefit but require lots of hard work and dedication. However, an elliptical workout plan helps you in fast weight loss without much effort.


Unlike other exercise equipment which usually concentrate on specific areas of the body, an elliptical trainer involves most of the areas of our body, and helps in getting us in shape.
Elliptical trainer workouts are basically low impact exercises, that involve easy range of motion (forward and backward) which, if done properly, or under right guidance, can offer numerous health benefits.
The weight loss plan comprises workouts performed at alternating high intensity levels followed by low intensity recovery periods. It helps burn more calories in a short span of time and improves blood circulation in the body without straining our joints and muscles.
Moreover, the workout is safe and best for people suffering from arthritis, bad knees, ankles, or any other joint problems. Hence, it is one such exercise regime that provides a complete body workout by working on our joints and muscles as well as tones the body and helps us to lose weight fast.

Sample Workout Plan

Workout plan for weight loss involves altering exercise routines, and moves on the machine which helps in burning more calories. Check out the following workouts that can burn up to 300 to 400 calories in just half an hour.
  • Start with five minutes of an easy warm up elliptical training routine, by keeping the incline setting between 1 and 5, and resistance between 1 and 3.
  • Now increase the speed for the next 5 minutes, by keeping the incline between 6 and 8, and resistance between 5 and 7. Make sure you hold the elliptical handles at their ends and move your arms forward and backward, synchronized with your foot pedal movement.
  • For the next 5 minutes, in order to enhance the intensity, increase the incline level up to 10, keeping the resistance constant. During this stage your heart rate should be elevated, hence maintain a good speed with uniform and steady foot strokes.
  • Now, slow down for the next 5 minutes by reducing the incline between 5 and 8, and resistance between 6 and 8. Finally, decrease the incline up to 5, and keep the resistance between 3 and 5. Continue exercising for another 5 to 10 minutes. Finish your elliptical workout at zero incline and relax.
While exercising, ensure that you don't overstrain yourself. Therefore, try exercising as long as your body feels comfortable. Once your body gets used to it, start adding minutes to your exercise program.
Keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water, before and after the workout routine. Try implementing the aforementioned plan in your exercise regime for a couple of weeks, and you will definitely see a healthy difference in you.