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Want to Lose Your Beer Belly? These Exercises Will Help

Exercises to Lose a Beer Belly
If you are looking for ways or exercises to get rid of that ugly beer belly, you have hit the right page. This post is about all the exercises to lose a beer belly.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
If you drink regularly, you must have noticed that your stomach has started to get bigger in size than normal. You are probably on the lines of developing a beer belly! One of the reasons of developing a beer belly is regular intake of alcohol, especially beer. Since it has high calorie content, these calories tend to accumulate around the waist and the stomach area, and that is how the term 'beer belly' originated. A beer belly usually affects males, because certain male hormones tend to encourage fats to accumulate around the belly. In females, usually the fats are deposited in the thigh and hip area, although there are some women who have a beer belly as well. That huge belly is embarrassing, and most importantly, you are exposed to a lot of cardiovascular diseases. Hence, it is important to combat that beer belly at an early stage, although it is never too late. First and foremost, you have to cut down on your drinking habit and restrict it to once or twice a week. The next step would be performing some vigorous exercises to burn the belly fat and get that lean look.
Exercises to Get Rid of Beer Belly
Running and Brisk Walking
Fat man jogging
There is nothing like running or taking a brisk walk to reduce a beer belly. It not only helps you lose a beer belly, but regulates your entire body system. Running or brisk walking can burn almost more than 900 calories per hour. Starting your day with a good jog or a brisk walk will also boost your metabolic activity and help you get rid of the excessive fat in the stomach area quickly, provided you are consistent in doing so.
Cyclist riding bicycle
When you put on weight, your poor knees have to bear the burden, this can lead to various knee problems. Bicycling can help you target your bad knees as well as the beer belly. Even slow cycling helps you burn more than 500 calories per hour. The harder you paddle, the more calories you burn. You can also try riding up a hill; it is a great way to increase the intensity of the exercise, increase the caloric expenditure, and strengthen your knee muscles as well.
Take Up a Sport
Fat man playing tennis
Taking up a sport gets your heart pumping faster and also gets you sweating, that helps release toxins from the body. Good fat burning sports include swimming, golf, squash, tennis or table tennis. Even if you practice these sports for 30 minutes everyday, you will start noticing results within 15 days. These sports can produce fantastic results if you cut down on your drinking dramatically and follow a well-balanced diet. Moreover, they are perfect sources of relaxation too.
Other Workouts Targeting Belly Fat
Overweight man doing sit-up
If you team the above exercises along with other floor exercises like abdominal crunches, air cycling, sit-ups, reverse crunches, front squats, leg raises, stomach twisting, side bends and so on, you are sure to see some dramatic results in the size of your tummy. Now, these floor exercises will not help to reduce the tummy but will definitely tone up and strengthen your abs. Increase the number of repetitions gradually and this will help you build better abdominal muscles.
You can only get rid of your beer belly by employing some strict discipline as regards to your diet and drinking. Engage yourself in some effective exercises to lose a beer belly and make sure you religiously follow your exercise regime.