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Exercises for Kids to Lose Belly Fat

Girija Shinde Feb 9, 2019
Here are some easy exercises for kids to flatten their tummy, which will not only make them healthier, but also cuter!
One of the biggest kids' health problems in advanced countries is obesity. Not that adults are completely fit and fine, but the problems caused due to childhood obesity can have more serious consequences at times. So, getting rid of excessive fat becomes very necessary among children. Compared to other parts, fat gets deposited faster in the belly region.
There are loads of exercises for belly fat, but most of them are for adults. You will rarely find any exercises that will help kids to shed their abdominal fat. First of all, the classic or the best exercises, like, crunches or sit ups are a little too much for kids.
There is a specific technique that needs to be followed when performing these exercises; improper position or posture can lead to a sprain. Secondly, kids do not like to exercise, you cannot force a child to exercise for half an hour when he can spend that precious time watching television or playing video games!
However, that doesn't mean that there are no ways for a kid to lose stomach fat. All you have to do is, convert some of the daily activities into fun exercises for kids. Wondering how? Simply scroll down and know for yourself.

Easy Exercises for Kids


Swimming is one of the best fat burning exercises. You must have heard that swimming helps to lose weight, but did you know that swimming can help to lose fat accumulated in the abdominal region? Well, its true!
Along with fat loss, swimming tones your entire body and gets you in shape. Butterfly stroke is said to be the best for losing belly fat, but of course it requires a lot of strength. This is one exercise that kids will love to do, in fact, they can also develop it as a hobby.


Dancing not only strengthens the leg muscles, but also helps to get rid of the stomach fat. Besides, dancing is an activity that most kids love to do. There are literally thousands of dance forms, however, not all of them will help to burn fat on the belly.
Dance forms like belly dancing or samba focus mainly on the abdominal region, so, opt for these forms if you want to achieve your aim. Kids are more flexible and responsive than adults and hence, learn these difficult dance forms in lesser time as compared to adults. There are also many dance workout DVDs and CDs available in the market that can come handy.


You do not have to spend like an hour with your child for losing fat with this exercise. A small session of 10 minutes can help the kid to lose up to 110 calories! You can teach the kid, different styles of skipping to motivate him/her.

Wii Games

In today's game world, fitness is also a part of entertainment. There are loads of fitness games by Wii console, that kids not only enjoy, but also benefit from. Like other Wii games, these games are also very interactive.
They also provide the necessary materials, like resistance band, hand strap, balance board, etc. Some of the best Wii fitness games for weight loss are my fitness coach and Wii fit. Even parents can participate in the workout programs along with their kids.
Childhood obesity can become a major concern, if not treated promptly. Hence, encouraging your kid to perform the mentioned or any other form of exercise is very necessary. Try to make these exercises as interesting as possible so that the child can enjoy his/her weight loss program.