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Fastest Way to Get a Six Pack

Nicks J Jun 18, 2019
The fastest way to get a six pack involves diet modifications and doing exercises that target the abdominals. To know more about diet plan that help to lose, fat read on.
Abs acronym for abdominals comprises 3 muscle groups located below the chest. You would be surprised to know that everyone has 6 pack abs. It is not visible because they lie beneath a fat layer. With a healthy diet and exercise, one can eliminate this excess fat that conceals the ab muscles and build strong abdominals.

How to Develop a Six Pack


If you are looking forward to developing great looking six pack abs in less time, then one has to focus more on exercises that strengthen the abs and burn fat covering the abdominal muscles.
Strengthening ab muscles has its own advantages such as, it minimizes the risk of suffering from back pain. The exercises given here, when performed consistently will allow you to get rid of fat around your stomach.


There are a wide range of crunch exercises, that have to be done correctly for getting 6 pack abs quickly. You need to do at least 120 crunches per day.
Taking a break after 20-30 crunches is essential, to prevent undue stress on the abs muscles. You can always make your crunches more challenging by keeping weights (dumbbells) on your back.


Abdominal sit-ups will also contribute to get that flat stomach. Regular sit-ups are also helpful to burn the fat. Performing at least 5 sets of 20-30 sit-ups is crucial to develop ab muscles.

Leg Lifts

This is an abdominal workout that requires no equipment. It involves lying on the ground and then lifting both the legs as high as possible. Now start lowering the legs slowly and stop in mid air (for few seconds) at least few inches from the ground. Repeat this exercise, 10-15 times to tighten the muscles.

Cardiovascular Workouts

Along with abs workout, it is equally important to perform cardiovascular exercises (30-40 minutes) such as running, bicycling, rowing, and swimming.
Lifting weights will also help to build muscle mass. Weight training workouts that need to be incorporated in your exercise routine for fat loss are pull-ups, bench press, and deadlifts.


Simply exercising that strengthen the abs will not help you to get a six pack. The type of food you eat can also have an impact on your overall physique. A good nutritious diet, rich in proteins, is the key to build muscles. Foods like fish (tuna, salmon) are loaded with healthy and lean proteins.
It is also essential to include eggs, protein shakes, chicken, and almonds in the diet as they are rich in proteins. Having foods high in fiber that include whole wheat bread, fresh vegetables, and fruits, can also shorten the time to attain six pack.
Most importantly, you need to stay away from saturated fats and concentrate more on lean meats. Intake of red meat or fried foods, will be a hindrance to your goal of achieving a six pack.

Meal Frequency

Having 2-3 large-sized meals can actually lead to accumulation of fat above the ab muscles. Instead, switch over to a diet plan that consists of 5-6 small meals a day. Along with breakfast, lunch and dinner, you need to have 2 additional small meals in the morning and afternoon. Make sure you drink plenty of water and do not overeat in every meal you have.
On the whole, showing a flat belly with a six pack requires dedication and high amount of discipline to follow the daily workout routine and there is no magic wand to gain muscular abs.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.