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Flexibility Workouts

Flexibility Workouts

A set of exercises that boost our flexibility is known as flexibility workouts. These workouts mainly involve stretching exercises. If you want to know more about them, scroll down.
Medha Godbole
Remember, as kids, how easily we used to do splits, and how in general we were so flexible? However, as we grow up, our bodies become stiff. Unless we make an extra effort to maintain the flexibility of our body, we won't retain it. Flexibility workouts are great for keeping your joints and muscles in good shape, and delay the 'oohs and the ouches' as much as possible. In addition to that, flexibility exercises enhance the range of your movements. There are many more benefits of these workouts.

Upper Body Stretches

Chest and Shoulders
You can do this by either kneeling or standing. Clasp your hands behind your back, and then straighten the arms. Further, raise your arms as high as possible, and then bend forward from the waist.

Arms Across Chest
Place an arm straight across your chest. Place your other hand on the elbow of the stretched arm, and pull this arm towards the chest. Retain the stretch for a few seconds, and then change the arm and repeat.

For this, position one of your hands behind the back with elbow hung in the air. Now, gently pull that hand in the direction of your head. Retain the stretch, and do the same with the other arm.

Chest and Ab Stretch on Exercise Ball
This is a perfect exercise to stretch your abdomen and chest. For this, lie with your face up on the ball and roll until your neck, back, and head are supported properly by the exercising ball. Follow it up by relaxing your hips, and letting your arms fall out to the sides for a comfortable and relaxing chest stretch. Hold in this position for a few seconds, and repeat this stretch as many times as you want to.

Body Stretch on the Exercise Ball
To do this, first sit on the exercise ball, and roll ahead till you get an incline. Now, straighten your legs stretching your body back, with arms over the head. Now, drape yourself over the ball with your head relaxed and arms hanging towards the floor. After that, relax and breathe, and hold your breath for at least 15 seconds. This is one of the best exercises to improve flexibility.

Lower Body Flexibility Exercises

Glute Stretch
Sit on the floor with your right leg bent, and place the right foot over left leg. Now, place the left arm over your right leg, so the elbow can prove useful to push the right knee. Keep the stretch, and repeat on the other side.

Adductor Stretch
For this, first stand with your feet wide apart, as much as comfortable. Then shift your weight on a side as the knee bends. Now, reach towards the foot that is extended and hold. Do that again on the opposite side.

Sitting on the floor, bend a single foot, and keep the other one straight. Ensure that the bent one goes into your thighs. Now, bend in front at the waist, but keep your back flat. Repeat with the other leg as well.

Standing Quadriceps
Stand erect and bend one of your legs behind at the back. Now, grab the bottom of that leg, just above the ankle and pull it towards your buttocks, while pushing your hips out. Now in this position, your thigh should ideally be perpendicular to the ground. Be in this position for a few seconds, and repeat the same exercise with the other leg.

Calf Stretch
Stand with your feet about 18 inches apart in front of each other. Now, keep your back leg straight with heels firmly on the floor. If you want to increase the stretch, push against a wall. Switch to the other leg after holding this position for some time.

Lying Quad Stretch
To do the quad stretch, first sit on the floor with left leg bent behind you, and right leg bent in front. Lean to the right on your forearm, with abdomen engaged. Then grabbing the heel of your left foot with your left hand, pull the heel towards your glutes. This will create a stretch in front of the thigh. Hold this position up to 30 seconds, and then flip the side.

These were few exercises included in flexibility workouts. In addition to these, a few yoga postures can also be a significant part of these workouts.