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Gaining Weight By Exercising

Bidisha Mukherjee Nov 23, 2018
Gaining weight while exercising is a common problem and can happen for various reasons. Here, we have tried to explore the causes behind weight gain while exercising.
Losing weight by exercising may not be as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, it happens that instead of losing weight, you have actually gained some weight. It is really unbelievable but is true. In such a scenario, it is important to identify the underlying cause behind this problem.

Reasons Behind Weight Gain

When you discover that there is weight gain after exercising, lots of self-doubts are bound to jumble up your mind. But you need not panic. Here are some possible reasons that can lead to weight gain.

Gaining of Muscle Mass

For beginners, gaining weight and dieting is quite common. This happens as muscle mass is built up due to the exercise program. You may be losing fat but they are being replaced with muscles.
Since muscles are heavier as compared to fat, you find that there is weight gain. However, the cause of increase in weight is useful muscle mass and not any unwanted fat. In this way, your body becomes healthier with the help of exercising.

Exercising the Wrong Way

Walking, dancing, yoga are some of the best forms of exercises for weight loss. Do not select exercises which focus upon any one particular muscle group. Any exercise that targets more number of muscle groups is beneficial as more calories will be burned off in the process. Moreover, any exercise can help you to lose weight only when it is done correctly.
Suppose, while doing walking exercise, you end up strolling in the garden for 45 minutes, it is not going to burn any calories. Rather, you have to walk at a pace for 45 minutes, at least, 4-5 times every week. Then you may see some results. As your fitness level increases, you have to enhance the intensity of workout so that more calories can be lost.

Eating Extra Calories

When we start exercising, many of us stop keeping a watch on the quantity of calorie intake. As a result, we may end up eating more calories than we can actually burn out with exercises.
A weight loss program becomes successful when dieting and exercises go hand in hand. If you have raised the number of calories in your diet, then you have to either intensify the workout or there should be an increase in the number of days you are exercising in a week. This is essential to eliminate those additional calories.

Not Eating Sufficient Calories

While following a fat loss diet, it often happens that you supply lesser amount of calories to the body, than what it actually needs. It is a big mistake and hence, should be avoided.
Due to the absence of sufficient calories, your body slows down its rate of metabolism to preserve energy. In the process, the fat reserves of your body increase and you gain weight. For this reason, it is very important to include right kind of food.
Food should have all the nutrients that are essential for normal functioning of the body, including fats and carbohydrates. These two nutritional components provide us with useful energy and hence, should not be stopped completely.
You can cut down on the quantity of the meals but increase the number of meals accordingly, so that you do not feel very hungry very frequently.

Underlying Medical Problem

There are people who exercise regularly with full dedication and follow a proper diet, yet there is weight gain. Here, the cause of weight gain could be some underlying health issue, like thyroid problem or menopause. Even some hormonal problems can make it difficult to maintain body weight.
Under all such circumstances, you should consult a doctor for the treatment of your health problems. Sometimes, birth control pills and cholesterol-lowering medications can be responsible for this unexpected weight gain.

Excessive Mental Stress

Stress is another major factor that can make you gain weight while exercising. When your mind and body are not free from stress, it is likely that you do not get enough sleep at night. Research studies have found that a good sleep will help in weight loss. Try to get rid of stress so that you can yield maximum benefits from exercising.
Hope you could figure out the problem which is hampering your weight loss program. Try to bring about some changes and carry out your workout program regularly in a disciplined manner and surely your efforts will be paid off very soon.