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A Guide for Women to Choose a Gym Bag

Geeta Dhavale Nov 8, 2018
Read on to know more about chic gym bags that allow you to look fashionable even when you are drooping after hours of workout.
If you thought that all you needed a gym bag for was a towel, water bottle, and shoes, then you have miscalculated. You need a bag that has enough space to hold other valuables you carry with you like keys, wallet or purse, cosmetic kit, a change of clothes, cash, electronics and gadgets, etc.
Women tend to carry a lot of their stuff with them wherever they go and hence need greater storage space in their bags. So, make sure that all your requirements have been met before you invest in a workout bag. It's not that difficult, but you have to keep some things in mind while choosing a gym bag. A gym bag for women must have following sections:

Cosmetic Section

For a woman on the go, who heads straight for her workplace from the gym, or for the party freak who needs to rush to a party immediately after a strenuous cardio or weight training session, you will need to carry your beauty kit with you.
The gym bag you choose should have a separate storage space for your ridiculously expensive cosmetics so that they stay safe.

Web Pocket

It is a dilemma if you wish to stay socially connected with your friends and family but don't trust the gym with your mobiles, palmtop, iPod, electronic gadgets, etc. You need a bag that provides a separate section complete with soft covers, to store these. This way, you get to work out, stay connected, and the security of your gadgets is ensured, too.

Security Pocket for Valuables

You are not going to exercise wearing your branded watch, platinum chain, rings, or earrings. So in this pocket you can keep them safely and lock them as well.

Interior Water Bottle Pocket

Though every gym has a water cooler or water dispenser, it is always better to carry your own water bottle. So choose a bag that provides a separate waterproof pocket for the bottle.

Key Fob

With so much going on in your bag, it is extremely easy to lose your keys and that leads to a waste of your time when you try to search for them. Ensure that the bag has a separate pocket for keys. It seems very trivial now, but believe me, this will save a lot of your time.

Section For Clothes

Where you can keep your gym clothes and a change of clothes for after the workout, in case you are heading out for the party right after the workout session, then the bag should provide space for at least two pairs of clothes along with extra section for wet and smelly clothes.

Shoe Section

It is hygienic and good manners to maintain a separate pair of shoes that you would use only on the gym floor. You need enough space in the bag to carry this pair in and out of the gym, so choose the bag appropriately.

Power Strip

That can bear the weight of the all the earlier mentioned worldly stuff!

Feminine Look

Your bag doesn't have to look like that of a man's. Various brands have now started manufacturing gym bags for women that look sporty yet cute. These come in a variety of styles like over-sized totes, bigger slings, etc., which look extremely stylish.
The given features become essential, especially if you directly head to the gym after office or go to office right after the workout. In such cases you don't have time to go home, change, pack your bag for the workout session, and all that jazz.
There are many gym bags available today that have these features. Some of them also have removable pockets that make them ideal for working women. For example, you can remove the shoe, clothes, and water bottle pocket if you don't need it in the office. Just keep the unwanted pockets in the car and you are free to roam around with a lighter bag.
Apart from this, many bags have removable and adjustable shoulder strips. Sherpani Meta Gym bag, Rei Cargo Gym Bag, Lululemon Classy Classic Gym Bag, etc. are some of the popular brands that offer these kinds of bags for women.
With these insights, you now know how to look chic and feminine in the gym. Now, get ready and hit the gym with a great bag that will certainly make you look sexy even before you get that hourglass figure!