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Gym Workouts for Beginners

Charlie S Nov 23, 2018
Regular exercise can help you get a fabulous body which a million people will die for, and also increase your stamina levels. Here are some gym workout routines for beginners.
The gym is a place where you can get a well toned body by performing various exercises, much faster than the other forms of exercise. The simple reason behind this fact is the presence of very advanced exercise machinery in the gym.
In addition, other advantages like certified fitness trainers, and good environment for exercising contribute to the increasing response to well-equipped gyms today. Along with body toning, the workouts also facilitate weight loss.

Start off With a Warm Up

Before you start your gym workout, it is very essential to do a good warm up exercise program, to give your body enough energy to complete the routine successfully.
Cycling - using exercise bikes, doing jump rope exercises for five to seven minutes, high jumping are some good warm up ideas, to get your body into the required momentum of the further workout.

Beat the Flab

This workout focuses on strengthening the muscles of the lower and upper abdomen where maximum amount of fat gets accumulated, as is the case of many people.
To do this exercise, lie down on the floor, and position your hands behind your neck. With your knees bent and feet touched firmly to the ground, bend towards the knees by moving your shoulders.
This workout can help you get the most desired six pack abs. Since you are still a beginner, do not overexert yourself, and exercise only till you find it comfortable. Your fitness expert will most probably recommend you to do this exercise twice a week.

Shoulder Press

Making the shoulders strong and powerful, by exercising with free weights is the aim of the shoulder press exercise.
Keep your hands shoulder-width apart. The bar or the free weight is to be lifted till it reaches your arms, and then brought back to its initial position slowly and steadily.
Consult your gym exercise trainer about the number of sets of this exercise and preferably, do it under his inspection for three days a week.

Bench Press

Bench press workouts are meant for exercising the chest, and are done using the barbells and dumbbells.
Lie on the bench with your feet touching the ground, and lift the dumbbell or the barbell using full length of your arms in the upward position. Now bring it back in a slow and steady way till it reaches your chest. This exercise should be done twice a week, and then increased to thrice based on your improvement.


Squats are meant for proper exercise to the thighs. You have to squat with the feet shoulder width apart, and hold the barbell on the back of your shoulders. The next step will be of lifting the bar with full arm length by proper bending of your knees.
This exerciser needs a lot of practice, and you should exhale at the time you use your energy in lifting. It would be good if you do this workout thrice a week - say on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
Doing push ups and pull ups, and cardio exercises for twenty minutes, followed by stretching exercises is also a must.
After a few months of training, you will be able to do these workouts for a long time, and learn some complicated workouts.