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Hammer Curls vs. Regular Curls

Read on to know which one is better.
Rohini Mohan May 13, 2019
Many people find it difficult to decide, when it comes to choosing between hammer curls vs regular curls. The fact is that hammer curls are much better than most types of bicep exercises, because these exercises focus on strengthening the muscles on our forearms that are often, the most neglected parts while exercising.
All that regular curls usually do, is focus on beefing up the biceps and the triceps, while the poor forearms remain comparatively weaker.

Technique for Hammer Curls

You may do hammer as well as regular curls using simple dumbbells. Though the difference with regular curls, while doing dumbbell exercises is that, it requires that you place your thumbs facing forward, which often makes the wrists hurt after a while.
On the other hand, hammer curls do not stress your wrists and allow the thumbs and your wrist, to face towards you. Here is how you must go about doing this exercise.
  • Firstly grasp a pair of dumbbells and hold them firmly. Make sure that your palms are facing towards you.
  • The next step is to ensure that your elbows are placed closer to your torso, so that there is a specific alignment for you to follow. Placing the elbows close to your body will make sure, that you do not lose your grip or balance. This helps a great deal in averting any type of wrist or muscle injury.
  • Now lift one dumbbell at a time, on each count. You will need to lift the weights up till your shoulders.Though there are a few requisites while doing this exercise. That is do not lean back and remember to keep your back straight. And extend your arms completely, so that you do not injure yourself.
Now you have a better alternative for biceps and forearms exercises. This 'two in one advantage' would not have been available, had you still been doing regular curls.

Benefits of Hammer Curls

  • This exercise allows the wrists to remain in a more rested position as compared to regular bicep curl. While the wrists are facing inwards, they do not absorb too much pressure and are thus protected from muscle and nerve pulls.
  • This position also makes it easier for the entire arm to move as well as manage the weight of the dumbbells. Though injuries can still occur if the exercise is done incorrectly, that is why the wrist must never be left loose or shifted during the lifting process.
  • Regular curls, help develop the biceps and the peeks but yield no positive results for the forearms. In fact, they make it harder for the wrists to manage the weight because of the way the dumbbells are held while performing regular curls. 
The same advantages and more can be achieved by doing hammer bicep workout routine, but in a much safer way. Hammer curls, exercise the biceps while ensuring that the forearms are strengthened as well.
No wonder most professional body builders and gym instructors have no doubt about which one to choose, between these two exercises. This exercise is one of their favored options, as it helps in developing the biceps, while ensuring that their forearms also develop simultaneously.
The plus point for you, is that you need not worry about aches, pains or injuries. For those who prefer regular curl exercises, they can now try to mix hammer curls into their workout regime for better results.