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Home Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Sheetal Mandora Nov 5, 2018
In order to stay fit, functional, and productive, it's essential to engage in regular physical activities. Read on to find which home exercise equipment work well for seniors.
We are aware of the fact that with age, our bodies need a little extra attention to gain balance and support. But there are times when we all look the other way when it comes to working out. Age is definitely not a justification to get away with exercise, especially for senior citizens.
As we age, the more physically fit we are, the better our lives will be because we don't have to depend on others for our work and we can perform daily activities with ease. But many a time, senior citizens don't feel comfortable or wish to go to a gym for a normal workout routine. In that case, getting an exercise equipment is the best possible alternative.

Exercise Equipment for Elderly

No matter what our age is, keeping our bodies flexible and toned is very essential. It helps improve our overall body's balance and coordination. With any of the following equipment, you can easily manage various health concerns, strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility and range of movement.

Elliptical Machine

An elliptical machine is stationary which helps in imitating running and walking movements. It's a perfect equipment as it doesn't put any pressure on the joints and has a low risk for injuries.

Free Weights

Free weights such as dumbbells can help you tone your muscles with less strain. You can opt for lighter or heavier weights as per your comfort level. Do not put a lot of stress on your muscles by lifting heavy weights unsuitable for you.

Recumbent Stationary Bike

Instead of just a stationary bike, using a recumbent stationary bike for workouts is much better. It helps in supporting the back while you workout, can be used by men and women, helps strengthen the leg muscles, and doesn't put pressure on the knees.


A treadmill is again a good equipment as it works the entire body. You can set the pace as low or as high as you want and begin the workout any time of the day. Exercising on your pace is always better than imposing one on your body and health.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks or yoga bricks are props that help in aligning the body and improving its posture. They come in either foam or wooden form and are used while doing several yoga poses. You can easily perform different Asanas and won't be under any risk of pulling muscles or causing strain.

Other Equipment

  • Stair Stepper
  • Resistance Band
  • Rowing Machine
  • Mini Exercise Trampoline
  • Stability Ball
Every individual's health and medical history is unique. And that is what governs how frequently you can perform exercises daily. If your body is accustomed to working out, then you won't find much difficulty incorporating these exercise machines into your daily lifestyle.
Disclaimer: Always consult a physician before starting any physical fitness program in order to reduce the risk of injury.