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How to Increase Endurance

Nicks J Nov 25, 2018
Endurance training involves incorporating a cardio workout routines as part of your lifestyle. Read on to know more about the exercises that assist to improve endurance.
Exercise and diet play a very important role in increasing stamina and endurance. Religiously following an exercise routine is the key to have that show-stopping endurance.
Studies show that people who do exercises on a regular basis, do not get easily tired and feel energetic throughout the day. Doing cardiovascular workouts for 40-45 minutes everyday is a must to improve endurance. Some of them are given here:


Running is one of the best workouts that not only helps to maintain healthy weight but also improve endurance levels. People who run everyday for 15-20 minutes have actually experienced improved stamina levels, thus making it easier to handle day-to-day activities.


Cycling everyday is an easy way to increase energy levels. One simple fitness tip to combat everyday fatigue effectively is to include cycling activity in your exercise routine. Other than improving endurance, it is also a good workout to build calf muscles.


Skipping, also known as jump rope is another effective exercise routine that can also help to step up your endurance. To ensure a good level of stamina throughout the day, skipping in the morning for 5-10 minutes is definitely a good option.


Hiking, popularly known as trekking is an outdoor activity, beneficial to increase endurance. Walking through the rugged terrain in mountainous regions is not an easy task but certainly helps to improve endurance levels.


Besides following an exercise routine on a daily basis, you should also focus on eating the right kind of food. Stay away from fast foods as they only lead to obesity.
Protein rich foods like fish, chicken, and nuts as well as vegetables like spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and carrots, come under the list of foods that help to boost endurance.

Meal Frequency

The number of times a person prefers to have meals can also affect his energy levels. Having large-sized meals two times in a day and skipping breakfast will not work to improve stamina. Instead of having heavy meals, go for small to medium-sized meals 5-6 times a day. For sustained energy levels, the practice of eating 5-6 small meals is recommended.

How to Improve Stamina for Running

Endurance-building doesn't mean running 4 miles on day 1. This will be too strenuous, leaving you vulnerable to muscle injury. One has to gradually increase the pace and the distance and not directly jump to long distance running.
As your body gets accustomed to distance and speed of your running, add a few hundred meters to your running distance. Also try to cover up the distance at a faster pace.
This method is the best way to increase strength and endurance, especially for events like a marathon. In order to strengthen the knees, essential for running longer distances, cycling everyday for 10-15 minutes and occasionally going for hill climbing is a good option.

How to Build Stamina for Swimming

Swimming is no easy sport as one has to face water resistance when moving the hands and legs to stay afloat.
Many swimmers complain about extreme tiredness after completing just one lap (50m). In the beginning, swimming even one lap might seem impossible. However, as the body adjusts itself, you won't find it difficult to swim 50m.
There are different swimming strokes, each requiring different stamina levels. Initially, you should opt for freestyle as it is easy and not physically demanding. On the other hand, swimming with butterfly stroke can deplete your energy levels very quickly.
Whatever swimming stroke you choose, initially swim at a slower pace to cover one lap. Keep in mind that you need to take efforts to see improvement in your stamina.
It is normal to get tired after finishing the first lap but instead of stopping, push yourself harder to complete the second lap. After every week, increase your swimming distance by one lap.
Strengthening shoulder muscles is the key to swim for a longer duration, which can be accomplished by doing dumbbell workouts everyday. Other cardiovascular workouts like running and cycling, too can help to improve stamina in swimming.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.