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How to Increase Running Speed

Pragya T Jun 22, 2019
Read on, to learn about the best exercises which will help to increase your running speed and endurance.
Before coming up with a plan on increasing running speed, it is important to develop a strong base of running long distance. This is very important as speed training can put a lot of stress on your body, and without a good running base you can suffer from injuries.
Apart from running and jogging, certain exercises can help you increase your running speed. Here are the different drill and resistance training workouts with other tips, that will help you run faster and improve your running endurance.

How to Increase Running Endurance?

Here are the drills and weightlifting workouts to increase your running stamina and endurance. Also, tips on timing yourself to note down your progress and stamina are mentioned. So, start a workout with a warm up, drills, resistance training, and finally finish your workout with stretching exercises to cool off.

Resistance Training

With resistance training you can build your leg muscles and increase stamina for running. First concentrate on the larger muscle groups of quads and hamstrings. After a warm up of 15 minutes of mild jogging, take two 10 pound barbells.
Hold one in each hand and perform lunges. To perform lunges stand at hips-width distance, lift the chest, and engage the lower core abs. Then while holding a barbell in each hand, step with the right foot forward till your foot is directly above the ankle. Step back and repeat for the other side. Perform 12 repetitions of 3 sets for this workout.

Skipping Workouts

Exaggerated skipping is a good way to increase your running speed. Swing your arms in the direction opposite to the movement of the leg which is lifted, and drive each knee up as comfortably as you can. You can use the arm swing motion to help you lift the legs higher. Skip for 100 yards up and then 100 yards back.

Step Up Exercises

Use a low bench and hold a 10 pound barbell in each hand. Then step with your left foot on the bench and lift your right leg, while bending your right knee. Pause for a few seconds to engage the lower abs. Then step down, repeat for the other side. Perform three sets of 10 repetitions.

Basketball Slides

This is like sideways skipping, but without the bending of the knees required. Slide with your right leg and then bring the left leg to meet the right one. Land on your left foot and then repeat the exercise. While performing this exercise, keep the arms in a running motion. Slide for 100 yards forward and then backward in the same direction.

Timing Yourself

While speed working out on a treadmill you can keep the track of time easily. Jog for a moderate 4 - 5 miles, then sprint a mile or less to time yourself. Then jog one mile and repeat, if you have stamina, perform one more sprint. This way you can increase your stamina.

Stretching After Workout

Another factor which can help you increase your running speed is to keep your muscles flexible, which can be done by following some stretching exercises.
Hard training can make your muscle tight and increase the risk of injury. So after every workout, spend time stretching your legs, back, and chest muscles.