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How to Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Weeks

Parul Solanki Sep 29, 2018
If you want to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks, then you don't have to follow any crash diet plans or strict weight-loss programs. All you need to do is eat the right kind of food, and keep up with your exercise schedule.
There are so many things you have done to fit into that bridesmaid dress for your best friend's wedding. Now with just three weeks in hand, you are in a state of panic to shed those extra kilos! So, if you have hit a weight loss plateau or haven't been able to lose weight with fad diets, here are some simple tips for you on how to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks!
When you hear the word diet the first things that come to your mind are starving and bland, boring health foods. What if you could lose weight quickly even when consuming the foods that you have daily? Sound, like a dream but it is easy to enjoy a real meal if you plan properly.
To lose 1 lb. of fat you need to burn 3,500 calories. Therefore, to lose around 10 lbs. You will need to lose around 35,000 calories in three weeks. This amounts to losing about 3 to 4 lbs. per week. Here is a simple diet plan to keep you calories in check and help you on your way to losing the stubborn weight in three week deadline.

Breakfast (300 calories)

Option 1: Pancakes and bacon

Drizzle one teaspoon of honey over frozen pancakes. Add slices of banana over the pancake and have this with two slices of turkey bacon.

Option 2: Egg sandwich

A yummy and healthy breakfast option that can be made by frying one egg in olive oil. Place the fried egg atop one whole-wheat English muffin. Add one to two slices of tomato and two slices of Canadian bacon to the sandwich.

Option 3: Toasted oat cereal

Mix one cup of toasted oats in a cup of skimmed milk. Add walnuts and dried cherries on top.

Lunch (400 calories)

Option 1: White bean salad with smoked turkey

Mix half a cup of canned drained white beans and two and a half cups of salad greens with one sliced cucumber, eight to ten seedless grapes, one sliced pear and one tablespoon of chopped walnuts. Add two ounces of shredded smoked turkey and vinaigrette, and mix well

Option 2: Chickpeas and Couscous

Cook half cup of whole-wheat couscous. Add three-fourth cups of boiled chickpeas, one cup of diced cucumber and tomatoes. Add some crumbled feta and top with a tablespoon of fresh bail.

Option 3: Whole-Wheat Pasta Salad

Cook 2 oz. whole-wheat pasta. Add five cherry tomatoes halved and half diced yellow pepper. Drizzle 2 tbsp Italian vinaigrette dressing on top and add two chopped basil leaves. Add diced skim mozzarella on top and mix.

Dinner (500 calories)

Option 1: Chicken stir-fry

In a wok, heat two tsp of peanut oil. Add half a cup of sliced onions. Once the onions are slightly brown, add one cup of boneless chicken breast strips, and two broccoli florets. Serve with cooked brown rice.

Option 2: Grilled Chicken

Grill 4 oz skinless chicken breast. While grilling, baste it with 1 tbsp barbecue sauce. Serve with grilled corn on cob and potato salad

Option 3: Burrito Bowl

Mix half cup of cooked brown rice with half cup of cooked pinto beans, half cup of grilled vegetables, some shredded lettuce, half cup of guacamole and some olive oil.

Eat Right! - The Nutrition

One of the best ways to lose weight quickly is by eating the right foods. It is what kick starts the metabolism, which is so essential for losing weight. If your body senses you have not eaten anything for hours at end, it will shut down. This is a measure that the body takes to protect you from the "famine" caused due to the crash diets.
Therefore, to keep your metabolism up, you must eat regularly, be it three main meals and two small snacks, or six small meals throughout the day (whichever works best for you). These regular meals will keep your body happy, your metabolism alive, which in turn, keeps the calorie burning.

Say no to Junk Food

Keep away from junk food like cookies, candies, soda and chips. Instead opt for a high fiber diet, devoid of those excess carbohydrates. You can cut down on the carbs by skipping out on rice, pastas and breads from your diet. Avoid oily and deep-fried foods and say "NO" to red meat.

Foods to Eat

Salads and green healthy vegetables are the best option for those wanting to lose weight the natural way. Instead of red meat you can have eggs, chicken, fish and pork chops. Basically the key is to shift to a high protein low carb diet. However, make sure you don't totally stop eating carbs


Drink lots of water a day, at least six to eight glasses. Cut down on carbonated drinks, artificial fruit juices (since they have a lot of unnecessary added sugar) and tea and coffee. Drinking water will help flush out the toxins that build up in your system; especially, your colon, liver and kidneys.

Sweat it Out! - The Exercise

Three weeks of aerobic and strength building exercises help to lose weight faster than any detox or fad diet. Including a regular exercise regime in your schedule can guarantee you the best results.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Engaging in high intensity cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming, brisk walking, cycling, aerobic exercises are the best ways to lose weight really fast. Include 4 to 5 workouts per week and include at least three sessions of cardiovascular exercises.

Strength Training

Strength training exercises done 2 to 3 times a week, can help you shed the extra kilos. You can join a local gym, or you can buy a pair of dumbbells and do it at home. As your muscle mass increases, the metabolism gets a boost and you start burning calories rapidly.
Remember, that with a bit of determination and will power you can achieve the target quite easily. Prepare yourself mentally to not get distracted by unwanted temptations, such as binging on fast food, and remain consistent with your weight loss agenda.
Disclaimer: The information provided is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.