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Is it Possible to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks?

Mukta Gaikwad Oct 14, 2018
Yes, it is possible to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. But doctors say it is not healthy to lose more than 2 pounds in a week. Why? Let's see.
Kim Kardashian did it and so did Beyonce Knowles. So, it is possible to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. It varies from person to person though. How much weight you lose in a particular span, depends on a lot of factors like your age, body type, body weight, metabolic rate, and diseases you are suffering from, if any.
For example, if you are 60 pounds overweight, it will be easier for you to shed the first 20-30 pounds, but the closer you are to your ideal weight range, the harder it gets for you to lose.
Apart from the possibility, the safety of such diets should also be considered. Dr. Donald Hensrud, a consultant in the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition at Mayo Clinic, strongly insists on losing no more than 2 pounds in a week.
He says, when you are aiming at a faster weight loss, you eat lesser calories than the recommended calories. This causes headache, fatigue, palpitations, diarrhea and constipation. Plus, the faster you lose the weight, the faster you tend to gain it back.
Following these diets for longer periods can also result in eating disorders. So, such extreme diets should never be followed without the prior consultation of your doctor or a professional nutritionist. After weighing the cons, if you are still determined to go for it, here are a few guidelines which may help.


Focus on your goal. Write down your weight loss goal on a piece of paper and stick it on your cupboard. See it every single minute to get it ingrained in your brain. Once all your mental energy is focused on the goal, your physical energies will help you to achieve it. Not losing your ultimate objective is the first step towards losing weight.

Thank Dr. Atkins

Yes, we must thank Dr Atkins for his simple formula. Stick to meal plans for Atkins Diet. No carbs, eliminate the whites in life to fit into the little black dress. The point is not to starve, but to eat healthy for have a glowing skin and a fit body with voluptuous curves.
The carbohydrate intake should be limited to 20g per day, and not a nanogram more than that! So, bid goodbyes to rice, cereal, bread, and everything that was yummy. Just give away these food items, because one can resist everything, but temptations!

Life Savers

Salads are the only life savers. It's two weeks of salads, salads, and more salads! No dressing or cooking. Fresh green leafy vegetables with boiled chicken, or boiled eggs are life lines for now.
Limit the consumption of tomatoes to ½ a day and eat only as much as your body requires and not to satisfy your craving for food. Never fill your stomach to the brim, as it makes the body lethargic.

Everything in Between

Juices, nuts, and fruits are will satisfy the hunger in between the meals.
You can also have a lemonade with honey or a sweetener. Having a glass of lukewarm water, with half lemon juice, honey, and a little sprinkle of cayenne pepper reduces cravings for carbohydrates.

Sweat It Out

To lose weight and to keep them off, there are no two ways but to exercise. Just a brisk walk for 30 minutes is good enough to keep you in shape. Walking helps you to burn calories, keeps the skin healthy, and tones your body too.
Playing any sport of your choice, walking, workouts at the gym, dancing, or swimming are effective ways to lose weight.
The most important thing to be remembered before taking up this diet is to consult your doctor. Confirm your health status, because if you are on medications or undergoing medical treatment, eating patterns will differ drastically. This regime is meant only for a duration of 2 weeks.
If you follow this plan religiously, losing weight won't be difficult. Remember that losing weight is not an overnight effort, but a deliberate and a gradual process.