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Popular Hula Hoop Exercise Routines and Their Amazing Benefits

Kanika Khara Dec 1, 2018
Hula hoop, one of the best childhood activity toys, can now be used as an exciting exercising tool. Exercising with a hula hoop can be a lot of fun, while at the same time, it can help you shed that extra fat off your body.
It takes a lot of hard work to achieve that slim and perfect body. Yet, people slog at the gym running on treadmills, or exert themselves at joggers park. Not many enjoy these cardio exercises, but still force themselves to it, in order to stay fit and healthy. On the other hand, a lot of people avoid exercises altogether, because they don't enjoy doing it.
The Hula hoop is however, one entertaining way of exercising. At the same time, you can use the hoop to exercise not only your waist, but your arms and legs as well. Therefore, the hoop can serve as a complete body workout.
Hula hoop exercises enable you to lose about 400 to 600 calories an hour. They increase the heart rate and boost energy levels, increasing blood circulation in the body. These workouts also improve body coordination, strengthen torso muscles, and enhance spinal flexibility.
Before starting the hula hoop exercise routine, you need to understand that it is not exactly the same kind of hooping you used to do in your childhood.
The exercising hoops, called weighted hula hoops, are heavier and slower to rotate around the body, and have a diameter of around 35-42 inches, providing a better workout.
Bigger hoops are easier to rotate, whereas, the smaller ones are more challenging to use. Let us take a look at the different ways of including hula hoop exercises in our routine.

Arm Workout

Stand keeping your feet together. Hold the hoop with your hands in front of your body. Start rotating the hoop around one of your hands. After a while, move your hand up and down while rotating the hoop. Finally, raise your arm above your head, keeping the hoop rotating around your palm and thumb. Continue for one minute. Then switch arms and repeat.


Stand in tree pose on the ground. Then stretch your hands towards the ceiling. Lift one leg up, backwards. Hold the hoop with both your hands and the lifted leg, above, in the air. Hold for about a minute, then switch legs and repeat. This exercise is excellent for stretching.

Waist Workout

For a waist workout, follow the normal way of hooping. Place the hoop on your waist and keep the legs apart at a distance more than your shoulder-width. Push the hoop with your hands to start off.
Then keep your hands away from your waist for proper rotation. As the hoop rotates, keep moving your hips side to side. Continue to spin the hoop for about a minute, then rest for 30 seconds and repeat.


If you love dancing your way through exercises, dance with a hoop. Play some good music and start hooping.
You can start with overhead spinning, then lower the hoop from the arms to the chest, waist, hips, thighs, and ankles. Get the hoop off your body once it reaches your ankles and repeat the dance workout starting with the overhead spin.

Hip Workout

Place the hoop at the level of your waist and stand with one foot ahead of the other. For a hip workout, you will have to move forward and backward. Push the hoop with your hips and continue to rock your hips in a front and back motion. Your knees can be slightly loose and bent.
Continue to spin the hoop for a minute, then rest for 30 seconds and repeat. Switching of legs is not necessary. Any leg can be put forward during the whole exercise.

Leg Workout

The leg workout is quite similar to the arm workout. This workout can be performed either standing or by lying flat on your back on an exercise mat. Raise one leg above the mat (such that it is perpendicular to the floor when the knee is bent) or in forward direction (if standing) and place the hoop on the ankle.
Spin the hoop around your ankle by making circles with your leg in the air. Keep spinning the hoop, for about a minute or two, then switch legs.
These hula hoop exercise routines are simple and easy to follow. Hence, unlike the other exercise programs, you won't need to hire an instructor. Whether to lose weight or tone stomach muscles, these exercises are fun to do, and to add intensity to these exercises, you can use either a heavy weighted hula hoop or two hoops at a time.