Hula Hoop Tricks

Not only is hula hooping a popular fun activity, it can also facilitate weight loss. This article presents some basic tricks for kids and beginners.
FitnessVigil Staff
From being a toy for children to a fitness tool, hula hoops have come a long way. Hula hooping is not only fun, it also serves a purpose for every age group. Some people are so good at this activity that they even participate in competitions. If you are a beginner, here are some basic tricks that you can start off with and then move on to some more advanced tricks.

The Basic Technique
  • Stand straight within the ring placed on the ground, with your feet spread apart at shoulder-width. Keep your knees slightly bent.
  • Hold the ring on either side with both hands, and bring it upwards. Rest it on your back.
  • Turn it in a counter-clockwise motion, with your hips moving in a circular motion along with the hoop.
  • Ensure that you evenly distribute your body weight on your feet, in a slight rocking motion.
The Ringer
  • Place the ring around the back of your neck.
  • Gently spin it around your neck.
  • As in the regular hula hoop motion, move your body along with the ring in a circular motion to keep it spinning.
The Knee Knocker
  • Stand with your knees together. Hold the ring around your knees.
  • Spin it in a counter-clockwise motion, and circle your knees along with it.
  • Hold your arms out on both sides to keep yourself steady.
The Booty Bump
  • Start this trick with the basic hula hoop motion.
  • Once you are in the groove, start bending at your waist. Bend until your back is flat and perpendicular to your lower body.
  • When you do so, begin bouncing slightly (more like in a pumping motion).
  • With your knees and legs moving, have the ring swinging around your hips.
  • Spread out your hands to maintain your balance.
The Arm Twirl
  • Stand erect, with your legs shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms besides you.
  • Place the ring on your right arm, and let it rest between your shoulder and elbow.
  • With your left hand, spin the ring in a counter-clockwise motion. Start circling your arm along with it to maintain this motion.
  • Keep your left arm extended to maintain the balance. As you get better, you can do this trick with a ring in each arm.
  • Performing tricks around the waist helps to strengthen the core muscles, which comprise the abdominal muscles and the lower back muscles.
  • When using it around your arms, it strengthens the biceps and the triceps. Even the shoulders are benefited by these movements.
  • It also helps in improving concentration.
Hula hooping is a fun-filled game that works as a stress-buster too. So, go on and have some fun and also reap its health benefits in the process.
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