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Jump Rope Tricks

Loveleena Rajeev Apr 7, 2019
Learn a few jump rope tricks so that you can keep your fitness levels up. Kids as well as adults can try these, as they are easy to learn and perform.
Jumping the rope is one of the oldest sports played, and back in the medieval days, vines, bamboos, etc, were used. As time evolved, so did the sport. Now, what we see is a refined rope whose length, thickness, and handle are sized up using specific considerations. But, one can just use a string to perform the activity.
Also known as a skipping rope, this object has emerged as a major fitness tool for children and adults alike. And, it is no more just the boring skips and hops, try the following jump rope tricks to enjoy this sport.

Some Easy Tricks

One of best reason this fun game is so popular is that there is only one primary tool required. This game can be played alone or with company, and depending upon which tricks you want to try, a small room, a corridor, or a large playground is needed.
  • Double Jump: This is a basic technique, and here, within one rotation, an individual has to jump twice.
  • Jog Rope: Here, with each turn of the rope, step over it with one foot, and then the second one. Just jog in one place, and skip while doing so.
  • Single Side Swing: This requires one to swing the rope sideways and hop accordingly. Bring both hands together, and swing the rope one side and jump that side.
  • Straddle Jumps: Jump and skip the normal way, but with each skip, jump with one foot in front and the other behind. Switch feet position.
  • Heel Exchange: The requires one to hop and tap the heel. While jumping, tap the heel of one foot by bringing it in front of you and switch feet and tap it again.
  • Cross Swing: This has to be followed in every alternate jump. Jump the rope and skip, and in the second turn, cross your hands and jump through the loop created.
  • Partner Jumps: Here, one is required to jump really fast with a partner. Skip normally with a longer rope, but jump high and fast, you should do this twice before the rope passes under your feet again.
  • Crisscross: Here, follow the 'cross swing' trick for the first swing, followed by quickly uncrossing your hands and skipping a basic skip.
  • Push Ups: Try this only once you have developed a good hand at skipping a few tricky ones, plus one also needs to be practiced in push ups. Jump low to the ground, and quickly put your hand on ground and stretch legs out in a push-up position. Jump back up and pull the rope under your feet. This one will require some practice to get it right.
  • Frog Jumps: For this, one needs to have a longer skip rope and a partner. Bounce together, and then move on to the 'straddle swing', and do a side swing. The partner in front goes underneath the others legs and with the next skip, performing the straddle and side swings come switching sides back and forth.
Besides being fun, these tricks will be a great way to exercise the whole body. They are a great way to build endurance, agility, and coordination, along with losing weight.