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Low Impact Aerobic Exercises

Aastha Dogra Jun 22, 2019
Here are some of the most effective low impact aerobic workouts which you can try to help tone your body. Read on.
If you look at any of the aerobic exercises, be it swimming or running, they involve usage of many muscle groups.
However, pregnant women or those suffering from osteoporosis, arthritis or those who are completely new to exercises, may be at a risk of injury, if they undertake such high intensity exercises. This is where low impact aerobics prove to be useful. These exercises are designed in such a way that none of the muscle groups is overused or stressed.


Contrary to popular belief, walking is a great way to keep oneself in shape, provided it is undertaken properly. So, in order to make it effective, make sure that you walk with enough pace so as to make your heart rate climb up.
A good way to achieve this is through interval training on a treadmill. You can alternate between walking at an average pace, then speed up suddenly for a few minutes, then again walk at an average speed, only to be followed by walking uphill. You can undertake the same exercise activity outdoors as well.

Aerobic Dance

For those who love to dance, dance aerobics, is an ideal choice to reach your fitness goals. To make this exercise more effective, include activities like lunges, side steps and squats, basically everything that will get the legs moving.
Use lots of exaggerated upper body movements as well, such as swinging, raising and circling your arms. If you want to make your workout a bit more tougher, you can increase the pace by dancing to some fast numbers.


Cycling is another low impact cardio activity. You can undertake it on a stationary exercise bike at home or gym or you may hit the road, if you want to make it more enjoyable.
To add to the intensity, introduce interval training, by alternating between cycling on an average speed, cycling at a high speed and cycling uphill.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics does not involve any kind of jerk or jumping activity. And the bonus is that the heart rate goes up the same way, as in any other high intensity exercise, when you step-up onto the elevated platform.
To make this activity more effective, add a lot of exaggerated arm movements to it. Even a simple action of raising the arms above your head, while undertaking step aerobics, can add to the intensity of the workout.

Stair Climbing

You can undertake this aerobic activity, anywhere, be it home, gym or even your office! When stair climbing, make sure that you keep the pace high so that your heart rate goes up.

Water Aerobics

Perhaps the most beneficial of all aerobic exercises is water aerobics. It provides a complete body workout, at the same time does not cause any stress or injuries to the joints as water takes away the entire pressure that is otherwise borne by the body during exercising.
A water aerobics session should typically start with a warm-up like swimming, followed by exercises such as lunges, squats, cycling, water jogging and cross-country skiing.
To get more benefits out of these exercises, you can cross train, by undertaking all or a few of these activities on alternate days. Taking a healthy, balanced diet is extremely necessary to reach your fitness goals.
Many experts are of the belief that it's not just people with some health condition who can benefit from these cardiovascular exercises, but even healthy individuals can undertake them, as they keep the body fit and tone it up, without causing any stress!