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How to Measure Your Torso

Omkar Phatak Apr 19, 2019
The precise method to measure your torso for a backpack or a swimsuit, is provided here.
Measurements matter a lot when it comes to clothes, or buying anything like a backpack, to ensure the right fit.
When it comes to buying swimsuits, measurements matter even more. You want to buy just the right one that will accentuate those curves. So, before shopping for a backpack or a swimsuit, what you need to do is measure the torso. You need very specific measurements for this purpose.
The human torso or trunk is the part of body excluding the head, legs, and arms. So technically, the length of the torso extends from hip bone to the knuckle at nape of the neck.

For a Swimsuit

Swimsuit sizing up for ladies requires three measurements of the body. One is the measurement of your bust, followed by measurement of your waist, and torso. These three measurement will help you choose the right size swimsuit.
The first two measurements are easy enough. Get a tape measure like the one used by a tailor. First, encircle your bust with the tape, take a measurement and note it down. Next, let the tape encircle your waist and then make a measurement. Note it down. Now comes the torso measurement.
Let the tape measure's endpoint rest on one of your shoulders and then let it extend through the center of the crotch and back on the other side, up to the neck. Make the measurement and note it down. Better take help from a friend for this measurement.

For a Backpack

Take help from a friend who can carry out the measurement for you. Stand erect and lower your chin. Let the end point of the tape measure extend from the prominent vertebra bone at the base of the neck to the hip bone at the base of your spinal cord.
Ask your friend to extend the tape measure along a line extending between these two points and measure the length between them. Note down the measurement.
Measuring your torso is a simple exercise. All you need to do is measure the length between the right endpoints to ensure that you get the right swimsuit or backpack.