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Muscle-Up Training

Muscle-Up Training

Muscle-up training is a complete upper body workout. In fact, men with a strong upper body are considered to be good at muscle-up. Mastering muscle-up training requires immense dedication and sincerity. In this article learn all about muscle-up training to acquire an awesome macho physique.
Divya Bichu
The first thing that attracts any women to a man is his physique. Guys with a chiseled physique are every girl's dream men. And most guys are definitely aware of this fact and take all efforts to get that macho build. Now, what if I told you that there is an exercise regime that is superior to any other workout routine and helps you get closer to having an awesome body frame! Alright... let's not keep you guessing. The upper body exercise that reigns supreme in building muscles, is called muscle-up. Usually few people who workout regularly, get close to doing the muscle-up. It is not very easy and requires tremendous endurance to sustain the various aspects of this workout session. So, if you are determined to have that perfect body frame, just scroll down to know in detail about muscle-up training.

Guide To Muscle-Up Training

In simple words, muscle-up is a combination of chest pull ups and dips. When you start your muscle training, it is important to get the right grip, which is explained below. Another thing you need, when start with muscle-up training is, a bar and a set of gymnastic rings to perform your acrobatic activities.

False Grip
False grip is the base of muscle-up training. Without getting this right, it is difficult to exercise on the bar and ring. All you need to do is hold the ring/bar in your palms and not clench them in your fingers. If you are doing it correctly, you will have your thumbs on the opposite side of your fingers. This is done mainly to strengthen your arms, wrist and elbow joint. The right grip also helps you pull yourself back up as soon as you reach the dip position and perform several repetitions with ease. If your technique is right, you can reap a lot of benefits from the exercise regime.

Muscle-Up Training on the Bars
Muscle-up training on the bars is a little difficult as compared to that on the rings. Now, this is because the movement of rings during the workout facilitates the exercising session. To get started, you should hold the bar with a false grip first and then build up power in the pull up range and finally start the deep dip. Let's go slow with this, get the grip, swing your body from behind the bar, pull yourself upwards to reach the farthest height. Master the pull up as low on your chest as possible.

Muscle-Up Training on the Rings
Muscle-up on the rings is easier, as they naturally rotate to allow a smooth transition. This is in no way generalized as some people find it difficult, due to the instability of the rings. To train on the rings, you need to hold the rings with a false grip. Now, pull the rings to your armpits and push your shoulders forward. During this deep dip, your hands are likely to touch your chest at the bottom. Lock your elbows in, at the sides of your lats. Now, reverse the movement but make sure you keep the false grip throughout the training. A small trick to achieve smooth muscle-up is, to make the transition quick and crisp by rolling your shoulders forward. During the transition, your hands are bound to split apart, due to the unstable nature of the ring, but make sure you don't let them get too far!

If you want to see one of the smoothest ring muscle-up ever, watch videos on the Internet, that feature Andreas Aguilar perform at the 1991 World Professional Gymnastics Championships. It is a treat to watch him perform a very crisp and clean muscle-up.