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Oblique Exercises for Men

Obliques are not as difficult to train as they are portrayed to be. Using the following oblique exercises for men, you will be able to get rid of those love handles. Get a list of exercises that you can make use of for the same.
FitnessVigil Staff
Last Updated: Sep 29, 2018
For that Coveted Six Pack
The following exercises will build a six pack, no doubt, but along with doing these, you will also have to eat right.
Obliques are those muscles which are present at the sides of the waist. With the kind of lifestyles we lead these days, it is quite common for people to accumulate fat in this region―more commonly referred to as muffin top or love handles. In such a case, certain oblique exercises need to be brought into practice to shed the excess pounds.
Does that imply that these exercises are meant only for the overweight? Not really. For men who do not carry any excess fat, and are in pretty good shape, these exercises still help plenty.
Quite often, men concentrate their full attention on bringing forth ab exercises into practice to build a strong mid section while completely ignoring the oblique muscles.
Sporty man doing oblique crunches
Well-toned oblique muscles help in lending a leaner look to the midsection, and are the final touches required to build strong, aesthetically-pleasing six pack abs.
Now, we will look into the varied oblique exercises for men, with both, using weights and without weights.
Exercises Without Weights
Simple Oblique Crunch
Simple Oblique Crunch
  • Lie flat on the ground and bend your knees till the soles of the feet are flat against the floor.
  • Place your right hand behind your ear (as shown), and your left hand on your stomach. This is your starting position.
  • Next, crunch to the opposite side. For example, take the right hand towards the leftt knee.
  • Go back to the starting position and switch hands and sides.
  • Do 16 repetitions on both sides, and 3 sets of each.
Advanced Oblique Crunch
Advanced Oblique Crunch
  • Lie flat on the ground and bend your knees so that the soles of your feet are flat against the ground.
  • Next, slowly lower the knees on one side such that the legs are placed one on top of the other.
  • Place both hands behind your head.
  • Next, crunch upwards while making sure that the legs are firmly against the ground.
  • Switch the leg positions (legs bent to the left).
  • Do 16 repetitions on both sides, and 3 sets of each.
Side Oblique Crunch
Side Oblique Crunch
  • Lie on your right side with the right leg on the bottom and the left leg placed above the right one (as shown). Cross both hands against your chest. This is your starting position.
  • Next, lift both legs into the air while at the same time lifting yourself from the shoulders up towards the legs.
  • Hold for a count of 5 and slowly come back to the starting position.
  • Switch sides and repeat.
  • Do 16 repetitions on both sides, and 3 sets of each.
Side Jackknife Crunch
Side Jackknife Crunch
  • Lie on the right side with your right leg stretched straight across and place the left leg above the right leg.
  • Next, place your left hand behind the head and stretch it straight in the air. Place the right hand over your stomach. Your head should be lifted slightly off the ground.
  • Slowly lift the left leg into the air at a 75º angle while the right foot is firmly in place.
  • At the same time, lift your head towards your hips.
  • Hold the position for 5 counts and get back to the starting position.
  • Switch sides and positions.
  • Do 16 repetitions on both sides, and 3 sets of each.
Exercises With Weights
Side Bend
Side Bend
  • Stand straight with a shoulder-width distance between your feet.
  • Hold a dumbbell in both hands (start off with a 2kg or a 2.5kg weight, increasing it as the weeks progress).
  • Next, bend on the left side till you feel a stretch in the right oblique.
  • Come back to the starting position and bend on the opposite side.
  • Do 3 sets of 16 repetitions each, on both sides.
Seated Barbell Twist
Seated Barbell Twist
  • Sit on a comfortable bench or flat surface with the legs firmly placed on the ground.
  • Place a barbell across the shoulder.
  • Next, twist from the right to the left side such that you feel a stretch in the obliques.
  • Every time you twist to either side, make sure that you pause at the center before you proceed to the opposite side.
  • Twist 16 times on each side and do 3 sets of the same.
Plate Twist
Plate Twist
  • Sit on the ground and hold a weight plate in your hands. Your legs should be joined together and stretched in front of you.
  • Next, slowly lift your legs up and hold them about 30º above the ground.
  • Hold the plate in the center of the chest.
  • Next, while maintaining the same position of the legs, twist to the left side.
  • Then, come back to the center and twist to the right side.
  • Twist 16 times on each side and do 3 sets of the same.
Oblique Crunch with Belt
Oblique Crunch with Belt
  • You will require a specialized belt with two leg loops been hung from a height. Make sure that the loops are in the same lines as your hands.
  • Stand on all fours and place your legs into the loops so that all your weight is supported by your hands.
  • Next, without moving your hands, twist your legs from the right side, back to the center and then to the left side.
  • You will feel a pull in your obliques.
  • Twist 16 times on each side and do 3 sets of the same.
P.S. - In case of last three exercises, it is quite likely that a rhythm will set in while you're twisting. Make sure that this does not happen as it will defeat the purpose of the exercise.
Once you get used to the exercises, you can increase the intensity of your workout by increasing the number of repetitions and sets of the exercise. You can also opt for circuit workout of your obliques, where you do these exercises without any rest in between, one after another. Then take a break for a minute and repeat the exercises again.