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Outer Thigh Exercises

Bhakti Satalkar Jan 22, 2019
With outer thigh exercises, you will be able to target the troublesome thigh area and achieve your goal or slimming as well as toning them down.
Thighs are often a problem with most of the women, as women are more predisposed to store fat in and around this area. At the same time, these areas can also be genetically more predisposed to cellulite.
Although there are many surgical methods available, inner and outer thigh exercises are the most appropriate answer to the problem, as the results are long-lasting as compared to all the other methods.

List of Exercises

Inner and outer thighs are muscles, which are not used frequently or they are not activated during routine activities we undertake. When these muscles are not activated, the thighs get flabby and bulky. These exercises will help in toning them, because of which they will firm up and become tighter.
Here we will primarily concentrate on the outer thighs, whose muscles are also known as abductor muscles. These muscles extend along the sides of the hip joint.


  • Stand with your back against the wall, and keep shoulder width distance between your feet. Your toes should be slightly duck toeing out.
  • Inhale as you slowly lower yourself into a squat position, as you slide down the wall.
  • Exhale, hold the position, and slowly come back to the starting position.
  • Repeat about 10 to 12 times.

Lift - Lying

  • Lie on your right side, and support your neck with your right hand.
  • Place your left hand on your left hip, keep your legs straight and slowly lift your left leg to about 6 inches off the floor.
  • When you lift your leg, flex your feet for a better stretch.
  • Repeat it 10 to 12 times on either side.

Lift - Standing

If you are working out in the gym, you can use weights. In case you are working out at home, you can make use of filled cans or bottles.
  • Stand close to a wall or chair for support with your left side towards the wall.
  • Bend your right knee to an angle of 90 degrees, out to the side as much as you can and lift the leg.
  • Lower the leg, but do not touch the leg to the ground and repeat.
  • It should be repeated about 12 to 15 times on either leg.
  • If you are going to use weights, place free weights on the outer thigh.

Side Lunge

To do this, you will need a step. You can also make use of the first step of the staircase.
  • Step with your right leg on the step, but on the left side so that there is a twist around outer thigh.
  • Extend the left leg behind you, and slowly go down into a lunge.
  • Hold in the position and come back to the starting position, by pushing into the right heel.
  • Repeat it on both the sides 15 times.
  • When you are doing this, if you feel any cramping, stop immediately.

Leg Rotation

  • Lie on any side on a mat and support your neck with your hand.
  • Bend the arm on top and place it in front of your chest for support.
  • Ensure that both your hips are placed one top of another.
  • Bend the knee on top and place the foot in front of you and lift the leg at the bottom off the floor about 6 inches from the floor.
  • Hold in the position, bring the bottom floor down, but do not touch the floor. Repeat 15 times on each leg.
Along with these, you will also need to include some cardiovascular exercises in your schedule. Walking is known to work wonders on the thighs. At the same time, you will also have to take care of your diet and be off junk and oily food.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is solely for educating the reader and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.