Effects of Over Exercising

While exercising can give you a healthy body, over exercising can lead to a host of problems. Identifying if you're over doing any exercise is essential to eliminate various problems that may pop up.
FitnessVigil Staff
While many of us are lazy when it comes to physical activity, some of us do get involved in physical exercises to enhance our looks and attain holistic health. There is another group of people who take an extra step and get excessively involved in exercises. While exercising must be an integral part of healthy living, over exercising must be avoided as that can create negative effects on health.
Scientists have started considering over exercising as an activity disorder that can be the manifestation of psychological factors triggering the mind and body to work out more than necessary. While in complex medical conditions like bulimia nervosa, over exercising is generally commonly found, it may not be the case for everyone. It is believed that urge to exercise more than what is the established healthy norm stems due to some anxiety and uneasiness of the physical appearance of the person.
In some cases, beginners in gyms and health fitness clubs become over excited about their bodybuilding regimes, and hence, they may end up exercising too much. Another symptom of breaking the barriers of normal workout routine and exercising more than necessary is some sort of discomfort, uneasiness, and inability to relax properly. An over exerciser finds it difficult to relax and has an urge to constantly involve in some kind of strenuous physical activity. Called 'compulsive exercising', signs also include diminished social contact, and a life centered around exercising. An over exerciser generally misses social events and functions just to find more time to exercise. For such people, life gets stuck on planning, scheduling, and working out.
There are numerous dangers of exercising beyond the necessary routines, that can affect the life of a person. The side effects of too much exercising are not restricted to just physical strain, it can also lead to hosts of problems in the emotional well-being of an individual.
Physical Side Effects
Over exercising leads to extreme fatigue. That is, if an individual exercises constantly, the body breaks down, although psychologically the individual may still have an urge to carry out his workout. Muscular strains and skeletal injuries are common among people engaged in over exercising routines. Muscle fatigue, frequent shin splits and risk of bone fractures are direct consequences of pushing the body way beyond its limit. Initially, it may not feel that anything adverse is in the making, but the body pays for grueling and unnecessary exercise schedules. Insomnia, due to an excessively tired and painful body is a very evident physical side effect of over exercising.
Long-term dangers on the body include risk of arthritis, and tears in the cartilage and ligament. Medical studies have also pointed to the existence of a rare danger, release of free radicals in the body, that have been linked to cancer and cell mutations. In females, it can interfere with healthy cycles of menstruation. In men, it triggers risk of several problems during older ages, when testosterone levels decline.
Emotional Side Effects
An over exerciser emotionally withdraws himself from social contact. This is just to get some extra time for exercising. In the long run, this may cause the person to be depressed and feel lonely. With the body taking too much strain, mental balance will eventually deteriorate, causing anxiety, discomfort, irritation, and dissatisfaction with life. Poor relationships at work and home, failure at school or college, and no social life are some indirect consequences of being over zealous for exercising.
Although there can be various reasons for someone to be involved in over exercising, it has to be understood that in the long run it can be disastrous for an individual's health. It's a well-known fact that 'excess of anything is injurious' and hence, putting the body under tremendous strain for a long period of time must be avoided at all costs. People who over exercise due to psychological problems like body image disorders have been easily cured after counseling. Some others who have medical problems like anorexia nervosa can be taken to a medical expert. It is possible to break the habit and routine of over exercising with a healthy diet and normal exercising, as these are keys to holistic well-being.