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Punching Bag Exercises

Charlie S Nov 3, 2018
Punching bag exercises, can help give one a good exercise to the entire body. Let us know more about these exercises with punching bags, along with some useful punching bag tips.
The punching bag workouts have been popular for many years due to the fantastic results experienced by many people in toning the body and improving health, by increasing stamina and fitness levels.
In the market, punching bags are available either in the form of bags, supported by floor stands, or bags which are fixed to the ceiling of your room. Though the punching bag workout routine and punching bag training are done mostly by boxers, many people are unaware of the fact that these boxing bag exercises can be done by all.


Typical punching bag workout routine in general, involve punching the bag in such a way that all the muscles of your body is put to use.
You will need a sturdy leather bag or the one like a vinyl punching bag, wrist wraps, hand bandages and obviously the boxing gloves to practice the punching bag techniques in a proper way.
The positioning of the punching bag should be such that it is firm and is secured well to the swivel bracket. The height of the punching bag should suit you, so that it does not cause difficulties during the real workout.
You should wear comfortable clothes such as sleeveless vest and exercise shorts. It is important that you wrap your hands with hand wraps and the wrist tape. Wear the punching gloves properly and get ready for the punching bag workout routine.

Techniques and Advantages

Before you start with the workouts, do a five-minute warm-up exercise, such as spot jogging or jumping to help your body get into the momentum of exercising. The punching bag exercises should be done in three or four sessions of three or four minutes each. It is not advisable to do the entire workout session at one go, as this can be very tiring.
You should try the straight punches with the right and left hands, jabs with the right and left hands, hooks with both the hands and the punches like upper cuts and cross punches with both the hands. With experience, you can try the hook-jab-cross-uppercut, uppercut-cross-hook and the cross-hook-cross-jab and vice versa techniques of punching bag workouts.
The number of repetitions will definitely vary from person to person, as everyone does not bear same stamina. You can increase your workout after good amount of practice and by consulting a professional boxer.
Incorporating the brilliant technique of kickboxing in your exercises is a great idea. You should ideally create a good combination of kicks and punches, and relax for some time after each exercise session.
What all of us should know is that punching bag work outs are a heavy workout, which must have reflexes and have exceptional hand-eye coordination, as hitting a fast approaching and moving punching bag is not that easy.
Punching bag work outs are a kind of resistance training and cardio workout, which help to improve our concentration along with the stamina. These exercises can help you relieve stress and are affordable also.


  • Consult your doctor before you start the punching bag exercises.
  • Try and put greatest power in the punches.
  • Increase the speed of the punches gradually.
  • Avoid punching the bag with bare fists as this can cause serious injury.
  • Try to maintain good body balance during the exercises.
  • Avoid overexertion while you indulge in these exercises.
These exercises are useful for both men and women. Try these exercises to get a fit and fine body which you have always been dreaming of.