Types of Punching Bag Stands

A punching bag stand is widely preferred because of its strength to take your punches during boxing sessions. They come in different types and you can use them according to your preference.
FitnessVigil Staff
A punching bag is available in the form of speed, double-end, or heavy cylindrical bags, which are the toughest of them all. With such a wide variety of punching bags, the stands for them are equally varied in designs. Many people prefer to have it hung from the ceiling, but this is a risky arrangement, as the weight of the bag might cause damage to the ceiling. Thus, many boxing trainers advise members to purchase one with a stand. This is a better option, as the punching bag has a strong base to carry its weight. Thus, if you are looking for a wise decision, this article will help you to pick your choice.
Stands for Punching Bags
The stands available in the market today are definitely a better option for hanging punching bags, compared to those that had to be hung from ceilings. These stands are often seen in gyms, as they can be placed strategically in a limited space. If you have one at home, it can prove beneficial to you, too. Pick the one you are comfortable with.
Single Station Stand
Many people are comfortable with using L-type hanger punching bags. But unlike them, single station stands are not supposed to be drilled against the wall or ceiling. They have a hook from which the punching bag can be hung and used. The single station stand is available in various colors and can be used in both homes and gyms. They are very convenient to move around and can be disassembled for storage, when not in use. Thus, they are a simple and trouble-free choice, for temporary boxing workouts.
Double Station Stand
The double or 2-station stand has two hook arrangements and comes with an optional speed bag hanger. This type of fitness equipment is basically used in gyms and boxing clubs, because more than one person can practice with it. The double station can have either one punching bag hook and speed bag hanger, or both. The base of this stand is strong enough to hold two heavy bags, and can be easily assembled. These stands are a perfect option for boxers, who put in hours of practice. There are designs and colors available in these, too.
Three Station Stand
For the most perfect arrangement of assembling boxing equipment together on one stand, you can use a 3-station stand. The features of this one include, one punching bag hook, a speed bag hanger, and hooks for boxing balls. Another addition to the stand, is a pull-up bar, where you can practice boxing and make use of this feature.
With these great alternatives available, it is easier to make a choice. These stands are reasonable, durable, and strong enough to handle heavy weights. So, pick the right one and make the most of it.
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